Monday, February 22, 2010

Sadie the Photobomber

I've discovered that Sadie likes to photobomb all the pictures I take of other animals. I posted on where she jumped in front of the cats. And here's one where she jumped in front of Harlie. Too funny. Also posting some other pictures I took last week. Enjoy! I love my new camera!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Jealousy and Other Matters

Sorry I have been MIA around here. I have been dog/cat/bird/house-sitting for my aunt this past week, and things have been kind of crazy at work, too. The picture I posted yesterday is of Sadie and the dog we’re watching, Harlie, laying on the couch together. They aren’t overly fond of each other, which is why they are on complete opposite ends of the couch haha. It’s not that they dislike each other, it’s just that Sadie is a brat and doesn’t want me paying attention to other dogs. She gave me quite the look when I told Harlie she could share her couch haha. And it’s not even HER couch to begin with. Brat. All in all, the dogs basically just co-exist. Although with both of their names ending in “-ie”, it is rather difficult trying to talk to one without the other one coming over instead. So it has been an interesting week. And I am more convinced than ever that Sadie would never let me get another dog. She is VERY protective of me. And while I don’t think she’d ever attack another dog, she certainly stands her ground and has no problem being Alpha Dog.

Oh, I also wanted to ask about something Sadie seems to always do…Ever since I got her, she would try to “hide” her food, whether it be her actual food or just a bone (if she doesn’t automatically inhale it). She even tries to hide other things as well…my things. I used to put a towel under her food and water. I learned quickly that was a bad idea, as she used the towel to hide the bowls, which meant food and water everywhere haha. The funny thing is, even if there isn’t a towel, blanket, rug, or something to cover the food, she still does the burying gesture with her nose. Like she is covering it with a cloak of invisibility or something hahaha. Silly dog. Do your dogs do this too?

I guess this is better than the dog I had growing up, who would hide her milkbones in the cat’s litter box. Seriously. She’d come back with a white nose, proud of herself and thinking we didn’t know where she hid her treat. Oh, she also dug a hole in the carpet to hide something once. Another fun day!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Spotlight on Sadie

Miss Sadie got her own Spotlight on The Corgi Site!

Click here to see it! You can submit your pups for a spotlight, too.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Love Is...

To me, love is...

Corgi ears.

Corgi paws.

A corgi nose.

To me, love is owning a dog, a lifelong companion. There will never be a human that will love me as unconditionally as Sadie loves me. She doesn't care if I'm skinny or fat, pretty or ugly. She doesn't care what I wear, or how my hair looks. I can leave for 5 seconds or 5 hours, and be greeted with the same excitement and passion. I've never had great luck with relationships. "Love" to me was heartache, tears, pain. That's all I ever saw growing up. I was never someone that needed to be with someone. I'm fine being alone. I never really felt like I could truly love someone, without being scared they would ultimately break my heart. I usually ended relationships before that could ever happen. Then Sadie came into my life. She showed me what love really is. I'm not sure if I will love someone else the way I love her. But I think maybe now it's possible. I would do anything for her. She is my best friend. And she is the definition of love for me.

I found this through Betty's blog and although I strongly dislike Valentine's Day (it's a made up holiday!), I wanted to do this. Because it doesn't have to do with Valentine's Day in my opinion. If you'd like to participate as well, go HERE.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

New Camera = Lots of New Pics!

Ok, finally uploaded some photos. Expect many more in the future! It's so much fun to take pictures of Miss Sadie (and her cat roommates). I hope you enjoy them! There's also one random non-animal photo...just was playing around.

It's Sadie's Day!!!

Today is Sadie's day on The Daily Corgi!!! You can check out the post HERE. I hope you all enjoy it. I also hope it brings us some new friends on the blog (*waves to any new readers*). I love being able to share my stories and photos with everyone out there, and I hope you enjoy it as well.

I hope to post some of my practice photos I have been taking with my new fancy camera soon! I just haven't had much time since I started my classes and have been so busy with that and work! Miss Sadie does not approve of the fact that I am so busy. She makes sure to tell me when I am not paying enough attention to her, too. That little girl makes me smile and laugh every day. I would be so lost without her.
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