Saturday, October 31, 2009

Mama's Little Devil!

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Happy Halloween!

Last weekend, we went to a Dog Halloween Parade in Cold Spring Harbor. It was a lot of fun. Sadie had a blast. She dressed up as a banana! She was the only banana there, too, and everyone loved the costume! She even was photographed for a dog food/treat cookbook. I'll post more about that once I know more. Here are some pictures from the event. We hope you all have a Happy Halloween. I think Sadie will wear her devil costume tonight. I'll take pictures and post soon!

Friday, October 30, 2009

Long Island

Sadie and I moved to Long Island about two months ago. I had been in Boston for about five years prior...Sadie came into my life after I was there for two years, and I moved into my own apartment. Besides Tennessee, Boston was all Sadie knew of as home. However, she has been quite the little traveler since I got her! Besides driving up from TN, and stopping in CT, RI, and NH, Sadie has been to NJ, NY, FL, and NC! She is a very good traveler, too. She loves the car, and sleeps in the passenger seat while I drive. She is also great on planes. Very calm. Most people are shocked when they see her waiting with me at baggage claim. They’re always like, “That dog was on the plane??? I didn’t hear her at all!” She’s better than most children!!!

Sadie is adjusting quite well to Long Island though. She really seems to like it. We’re staying with my aunt and uncle (and their two cats!) right now, so we’re living in a house. Having a yard is nice, and Sadie enjoys it. The weather was great when we first got here, so there was a lot of outdoors fun to be had! Most of the time, if the sun was out, Sadie would refuse to come inside after a walk. She would lay down on the grass and there was no moving her unless I picked her up. (She has learned how to wriggle out of her collar if she doesn’t want to walk any further...Is this a Corgi thing? Stubbornness???)

We found a great dog park in the area, and met some really nice people there, too. We used to go to dog parks all the time in Boston, so Sadie was pretty used to the whole scene. We loved going to the dog park...until one day several weeks ago, when Sadie was attacked by another dog. Let me tell you, that was the scariest moment of my life. It felt so surreal, and it all happened so quickly. The other dog, a pitbull, was running the length of the fence barking at other dogs, when I guess Sadie walk past her. Apparently this set the pitbull off enough, and she went right after Sadie. Luckily, Sadie was able to get away quick enough, so that she wasn’t seriously injured. Sadie is a tough little girl. She will tell a dog, no matter what size, when they are pissing her off. After she got free, I was able to get to her, and the second I touched her, she just screamed. It was the worst sound I have ever heard. And my heart broke because I knew she was hurt. It’s a good thing my aunt was with me, because when I saw the bite, and her bleeding, I collapsed to the ground and started crying and shaking. I was just so scared. We rushed to the vet, who had to shave a patch of fur on her shoulder to clean the cut. The laceration wasn’t terribly deep, but it was horrible to look at. I had to clean it every night for a week, and give her some meds. I came to learn that this pitbull had attacked before, and the other dog wasn’t as lucky as Sadie. It really made me mad that this owner would bring his pit back to a dog park after it had seriously injured another dog. I am just so grateful that Sadie is ok. Her hair is finally starting to grow back, and she seems to be fine, mentally. We have ventured back to the dog park, and she is still excited to be there...just a little more tentative. She hangs around me a lot more than she used to, but that’s ok with me.

One good thing we discovered from this dog park? Sadie loves to swim! There is a lake there where the dogs can freely swim, and Sadie was in heaven!!! I was amazed by how far she could swim with those little legs!! Everyone else was amazed, too haha. All you can see when she is swimming are her ears haha. It’s too cute.

Here are some of Sadie refusing to go inside, one after the dog attack :(, and one of her swimming in the lake! Next time: The Dog Halloween Parade and pics!!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

A rather lengthy introduction.

So, I decided to start blogging about my pup, Sadie. I’ve noticed that there are a lot of corgi blogs out there, and wanted to get in on the action. Because I tend to tell anyone that will listen stories about Sadie, and shove pictures in their faces haha. Perhaps having a blog will be good, so that people that actually WANT to hear about Sadie will be able to come on here whenever they want, and get their dose of cuteness.

I’ll start with a little background on us. My name is Laurie, and Sadie and I just relocated to Long Island, NY from Boston, MA. I’m an editor/writer, and I am planning on going back to school to get a degree in Mental Health Counseling. I’m happy to be back in NY, and Sadie is enjoying it too. There’s lots of grass and time to play outdoors, which she loves. I was home every day until recently when I got a full-time job. Sadie hates when I leave her for work (and I hate it, too!). She always manages to guilt trip me by hanging her head and giving me the sad puppy dog eyes. It’s killer.

I rescued Sadie about three years ago, from a high-kill shelter in Tennessee. I found her on At the time, I wasn’t looking for a Corgi in particular, but I found her and fell in love. Who knows, maybe she found me! She was adorable, and I submitted an application right away. I spoke on the phone with her foster mom, and she said they could drive her up to me right away. I was so excited! The shelter had a relationship with another shelter in Rhode Island, and drove up dogs for adoption every weekend, dropping them off in RI, CT, and NH. (MA apparently has a law that you can’t do out of state adoptions this way, so I actually had to pick her up in NH.) I was very nervous, because I hadn’t met Sadie prior to the adoption, but from what her foster mom told me, she was a sweetheart. So I drove to NH, stopping at Wal-Mart first to pick up the essentials — a bed, food, some toys.

(This is the first picture I saw of Sadie, and the reason I fell in love!)

I was told to meet the adoption van at a park and ride in NH. Seemed slightly sketchy, but I was ready to get Sadie and start our life together! I got there, and there were a lot of other people picking up dogs, so that made me feel better about the whole situation. We had to go to the driver and tell them who we were there to pick up. Sadie’s name was Cory at the time, so I told the driver I was Cory’s new mom, and gave him her collar and leash. He went to the back of the van. I could hear lots of barking, and a few minutes later, out he came with little Cory. It was a lot like the Lion King, when they hold baby Simba up for everyone to see. All you could see was him holding out this scared little Corgi pup. You could tell she was very nervous, but I took her and walked her around a bit before we headed home. We got in the car, and she immediately went onto my lap. She looked up at me, and gave me a big kiss on the face. I knew we were a perfect match.

While I don’t fully know Sadie’s genetic make up, I do know she has some Corgi in her. I think she may be mixed with some kind of terrier, but I’m really not sure. She definitely has the Corgi ears and legs though! And she definitely has a Corgi personality. I am officially obsessed with Corgis now!!!

When I adopted Sadie, they estimated she was about 1-2 years old. I’m guessing she was a lot closer to 1, or even younger, because she grew a lot since I first got her. Sadie’s birthday is actually this upcoming Sunday, November 1! She will be 4 years old. I’ve always had pets growing up, both dogs and cats, but Sadie is the first pet that is truly mine. She relies on me, and I am her Mama. It’s a completely different feeling. One I never knew I could ever experience. I have no interest in having children. (Yes, I am only 27, but I’m pretty certain this won’t change.) However, I definitely feel that Sadie is my child. My little furbaby! I never thought I could love someone as much as I love Sadie. I would do anything for her. (This may explain why she is soooo spoiled. Haha.) She seriously has saved my life though.

I won’t get into it here too much, but I have battled with depression for most of my life. It has been debilitating at times, and I have hit rock bottom more than once. I can honestly say that Sadie has given me a reason to live. Everything I do is now about her, and she is why I wake up in the morning. And how can you not look at her beautiful face and smile? She means the world to me.

Well, I think that’s enough background for now. If you have any questions, please ask! I will probably “go back in time” for a few entries, just to share some special times with Sadie, until something fun and cute happens in the present day! I hope you enjoy our little blog.

Here are a few pics for you to enjoy! The first two are right after I adopted Sadie, and the third is a picture of the both of us!

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