Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Sneezy Sneezertons

I am pretty sure that Sadie is suffering from seasonal allergies, just like I am. The pollen has been insane here lately. My car is covered in a layer of it every morning, and my face is constantly itchy. It’s lovely, really. Sadie has been sneezing a lot more lately. I’m hoping it’s just allergies though; she is acting perfectly normal otherwise. Many times when we are outside, and she is sniffing for the perfect spot to go to the bathroom, the sneezing begins, which is why I’m thinking it’s seasonal allergies. She sneezes in the house, too, but we have had our windows open a lot lately. Everyone is sneezing. At home, and at work. This allergy season has been brutal.

Are your dogs suffering from seasonal allergies right now? Are you? If Sadie is just sneezing and not acting differently otherwise (eating and going to the bathroom as usual, and playing), I shouldn’t worry, right?

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


I wanted to take a second to talk about Max. My good friend Natasha (over at Breathing & Butter) lost her best friend yesterday. I lived with Natasha, and her two dogs Max and Pazzo, for the first two years I was in Boston. They were both great pups, and really helped me know I wanted to get Sadie once I got my own place. Max has been through a lot with Natasha (including her double lung transplant six years ago), and he was always right by her side. He has been a part of her life for 14 years, and even though he lived a long life in dog years, it still feels like he was taken from this world way too soon. My heart aches for Natasha, as I know what it feels like to love a furkid and have one love you back with every fiber of their being. We love you, Max. Rest in Peace.

 My favorite picture of Max and Natasha.
And one of Max and Pazzo enjoying the snow in Boston.

Monday, May 17, 2010

New Pictures

Finally got around to uploading and editing the photos I've taken recently, so I will share a few here. If you want to see more non-Sadie related photography, check out my other blog HERE. You can also see all my photos (including more Sadie pics) on my Flickr Account or Picasa Account. Enjoy :)

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Play Time

Just two videos I've been meaning to post here of Sadie playing fetch with her squeaky ball. Please excuse the horrible lighting in one, and then Sadie's crazy eyes in the other where I used the light on my phone. And yes, these were taken on my phone, so they're not the best. But I thought I would share these since she just gets so excited to play with this ball! I love it...I'm working on some recent pics to upload soon, too. Hope everyone had a great weekend!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Nudge

Sadie isn’t shy when it comes to telling me (or anyone else for that matter) that she wants something. That something usually is attention. If anyone starts petting Sadie, it’s very hard to STOP. Why? Because she won’t let you. The second you stop petting her, she nudges your hand with her nose (somewhat forcefully!), in an effort to say, “Ummm excuse me. You need to keep petting me. Thanks.” She’ll also do this if she just sees someone’s hand sitting around, looking bored. “Maybe you want to pet me, since, you know, you’re not doing anything!”

She has even come up with a way to signal for more petting if she is laying down, drifting off to sleep, and can’t be bothered to nudge with her nose. In these instances, she’ll push your hand with her paw. She’ll sometimes even open her eyes a crack while she is doing this, to make sure you know she’s not messing around. “No, really, you need to keep petting me.”

I find this so funny, especially when she does it to unsuspecting strangers. I mean, really, I don’t blame her. I would do the same! It probably feels nice having someone pet you non-stop!! Sadie cracks me up. Does your dog do this, too?

I have some videos and pictures of Sadie to post from this past weekend...I just haven’t had any time to upload them! Soon, I promise. Hope you’re all doing well!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Official PetSmart Greeter

We went to PetSmart the other day to get Sadie’s nails cut. She really hates getting her nails cut. And now they make me leave the room, which upsets her even more. They had to put a muzzle on her last time! She was not happy. I felt so horrible. I wish she would just let me cut them myself; although that worries me as well. But I do have the clippers that have that safety clip so you don’t cut too far. Not like it matters though, because the second I take them out, Sadie goes running. One time when I took Sadie to get her nails cut, the groomer mentioned that most corgis hate having their paws touched/nails clipped. I’m guessing most dogs don’t like it very much. But Sadie really hates it. What about your dog? How do they do with getting their nails cut?

Anyway, long story short...Sadie lucked out because they had stopped grooming for the day by the time we got there. So I grabbed something we needed and headed to the register to pay. The register is right by the entrance and the automatic doors. Every time we are by the register, Sadie takes it upon herself to become the PetSmart greeter. She sees people coming in the distance, and her butt starts wiggling. She thinks they are coming just to see her, apparently. She gets super excited and goes to greet each and every person that walks through the doors, not to mention all the people waiting on line with us. It becomes rather difficult when I am holding her leash with one hand and paying with the other! Sadie just LOVES people...and attention!
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