Thursday, December 29, 2011

(Our Late) Merry Christmas Post!

We hope you all had a great holiday! We sure did. Especially Sadie, of course. She was spoiled as usual, especially from our awesome Secret Santa! Since we had so much fun with the exchange last year, we signed up for it again this year (thanks to Kat from Indignant Corgi for keeping it going!!).

Sadie was SUPER excited when we got our Secret Santa package in the mail. For a little while, it was the only thing under our tree, so Sadie took her guarding responsibilities VERY seriously:

So the funny thing is, our Secret Santa turned out to be who we bought gifts for last year!!! Remember little Milo? Well, he's a big boy now, and he and his mom Lisa sent us some awesome goodies :)

 I can has presentz now?

 Best. Picture. Ever. OMG NOMS.
(She grabbed these WITH the wrapping on them right out of my hand hahaha.)

 These are for me????
 What is it????
 An egg baby toy! YAY!

 Sadie does not understand why this ball is talking to her haha.
 What, mom, you don't think I'm smart?? :) 
 This was Sadie's pile 'o presents haha. Spoiled much?
 And to all a good night...

I also wanted to quickly share our Christmas/Holiday card from this year. I'm sorry if I didn't send you one :( I didn't order as many this year as they were a bit pricey, but we still love you!!! 

And, well, this is just for fun :) Hope you had a great holiday! Thanks again, Lisa and Milo!!!

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