Wednesday, June 9, 2010

“Where’s my Mama??”

Over the weekend, my dad was in town, so we had the family over to the house. Sadie is always very excited when people come over, because that means more people to pet her and give her attention! Not to mention all the food that could possibly fall under the table at dinnertime haha. It’s funny how Sadie acts when everyone is over though. She gets super excited when everyone first arrives, and makes sure to get some petting from everyone (while looking back at me to make sure I approve). Then once the excitement settles down and everyone has been there for a little while, Sadie is glued to my side. She follows me everywhere. I think it’s because it’s harder for her to keep tabs on me when there are several other people there. She wants to make sure I don’t go anywhere. So for most of the day, she was laying on top of me or walking closely behind me. This also means that Sadie doesn’t sleep on days when we have company. God forbid she closes her eyes and something exciting happens!!! And because of that, she is one grumpy pup when the house clears out! She was so tired on Sunday night, and even Monday morning, she went right back into bed after her walk and breakfast.

She does this at the dog park, too. She doesn’t always stick right by my side, as she likes to play with the other dogs, but every few minutes, she will scan the park to make sure she knows where I am. It’s rather adorable, really. When she can’t find me right away, she looks very nervous, and then she sees me and her eyes really do light up! It’s so sweet, and really makes me smile. She’ll even come bounding over to me sometimes and jump up on me just to remind me that I’m her Mama and she loves me.

This little furkid never ceases to put a smile on my face. :)


  1. hehe she sounds so much like Gibson! He will not sleep either, but it is when we are at someone elses house. He just sits in anticipation of what exciting thing will happen next! Such a dork :)

  2. hope you had a great visit with your dad,Laurie! too cute about Sadie,she is herding you and protecting you and watching after her "people".


  3. haha bailey.. well. he doesnt care how many people are around. he will plop right in the middle of the room and sleep. It doesn't usually last long since someone is bound to trip over him. hah. maybe its an attention tactic! but baileys the same in the way he LOVES to greet people. thank goodness hes not a great dane...

  4. awww...that's so sweet. sammy doesn't care about us with company. he gets so excited when people come. he jumps and runs in circles, the whole bit! he MUST say hello to everyone at least twice. this lasts the first 5 minutes where it becomes too exhausting to do that anymore. instead he goes from person to person until he can find the weak link...the one who will pet him to his heart's content! almost never with erik or i until everyone has left. because we are always there, not fun! haha. but he does always watch where we go, just not follow us like sadie. and the grumpy face after everything is over, yep.....we get that ALOT when he wears himself out! haha

  5. Kelly, Sadie is a dork like that too haha. And the whole time she will be sitting on my lap nodding off because she is so tired! Silly doggies.

    Betty, it was a good visit, thanks! And now my mom is in town this weekend :) Sadie loves herding and protecting her people!!!

    Karen, haha too funny! Bailey sounds like me when I was younger. I would just go and sleep in the middle of parties at our house. They want to be a part of what's going on, even if they're sleeping through it!

    Bri, it's funny, because Sadie loves to greet the new people, but will always come running back to me after. Or she will run back and forth between the both of us.


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