Friday, July 23, 2010

Doggie-Sized Pool

I bought Sadie a wading pool at PetSmart recently (it even has bones as a design element haha)...but she just doesn't seem to get it. I will put her in there on the hottest of days, and she just jumps out! Silly girl. She is still slightly confused by the actual swimming pool as well (but that's another post entirely -- to come soon!). Here are a few pictures of her in the wading pool. Note her confused facial expression!

 "Momma!!! I don't get it!!!!"

 "Is this just a big water bowl??"


  1. Major lols!!! What a cutie =)

  2. Those pictures are awesome! Whiskey had the same look when we first got it for her. Now she loves it. Try putting toys in, or stand in it yourself.
    Cant wait for the other pool post

  3. This is so weird.. One of my friends just posted on Facebook this morning that she bought her dogs the same exact pool w/the bones on the bottom and her dogs couldn't care less! Creepy!! ;)

  4. she looks cute in there, though. she probably is worried she is going to get a bath or something, I'm sure that would be Koda's reaction if we got a pool like this. maybe have her get used to it without water first by enticing her with treats and then gradually add water??


  5. Caleb HAAAATES water. Of any kind. Unless it is in a small bowl / water bottle and he can drink it. Any other amount of water UNACCEPTABLE and will be avoided at all costs. When we went to the San Diego dog beach, not even a good game of chase would convince him to venture in after his doggy friends. Crazy dog!

  6. Dog cookies. Float some cookies in the pool and she will be in it like a shot! Pull up a chair and put your feet in it and she'll think "this could be something good". Or sit yourself down in it, and she will be there to share it with you. Don't push it and she will get there eventually.

    Love, Dozer and Cooper

    (PS: Dottie passed away this morning so she will no longer be signing off on our blog).

  7. Thanks for the tips, everyone! Hopefully I can get her to like this pool!!!

    Nancy, so sorry about Dottie :(


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