Monday, November 8, 2010

Pictures from Sadie's Birthday

Finally got around to uploading these pictures! Life has been flying by lately, so we apologize for the lack of posts. I still haven't ordered my Holiday Cards yet, because I really want to get a good picture of Sadie and I together...I'm going to have my cousin take some at Thanksgiving. Hopefully we get a good one! (There might even be some snow by then...although I don't want snow lol.) We will be sure to keep you updated with pictures!

So onto her birthday pics. She really enjoyed the treats I got her, and the cool squeaker toy I found. It's a Kong Squeaker that is the same material as the squeaky balls, but in the shape of a propeller! She grabbed it and ran around the house with it lol. So I guess it was a success! She also took her birthday cookie and ran into my room to eat it. She is too funny.

 Her birthday treats!
 "I can has cookie now?"
 For me???

 Right before she grabbed it and ran around the house squeaking it haha.
 Sadie's cat roommates! (Buddy and Muffin)
Hello, we are cute.


  1. aww Happy Birthday again Sadie! :D hope you had a fantastic one! Ohhhh~~~ and Bailey and I are also making holiday cards too.... i hope we can swap them... like trading cards! LOL

  2. Ooo that squeaker toy looks awesome!!

  3. Karen, oh yes, we should definitely exchange cards! I will do a post once I have my cards ready to send out, and we can exchange addresses!

    Kelly, yes! It is awesome! The whole thing squeaks. Sadie loves it. I think Gibson needs one! Haha.

  4. that propeller looks cute! I'll have to check it out here!! Sadie's birthday cookie looked delicious and I think she really liked it!!


  5. Happy birthday Sadie! Wait her birthday was today??? Peanut's was too!

  6. She loved the cookies and the squeaky toy!

    And no, her birthday was on November 1, but I just got around to posting pics :)


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