Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Chillin' Bonz Recipes -- Finally!

Ok, I know I've been promising to post these, ever since I posted about Chillin' Bonz a million years ago....Sorry about the delay, but here are all the recipes that came with the molds. Sadie just LOVES these. We've made both of the peanut butter ones (since that's her absolute favorite thing EVER)!

Friday, September 9, 2011

The UPS Man Spoiled Sadie

I posted before about how our UPS man brings treats to all the dogs in the neighborhood, Sadie included. But his dedication to doing so has only increased lately, as have the amount of treats he leaves! I've been home the past few times he has come by, so I get to see Sadie's reaction. The second she hears that truck come to a halt outside, she goes ballistic! She tries to do everything in her power to get outside, because she knows treats are coming!!!!

I basically have to hold her when he comes to the door, or else she would probably maul him for those Milkbones lol. Sadie is also way too smart. The other day, I heard the UPS man stopping outside our house. We didn't have a package though; he was just coming to give Sadie cookies. And she certainly knew it! I picked her up as I opened the door, and he dropped three cookies at my feet for her. She was squirming like crazy to get to them. I put her down and quickly picked up two of the three cookies to save for later. Sadie inhaled the third cookie and looked up at me, knowing I had more. I put them on the kitchen table and went about with the rest of my morning routine.

I was sitting at the table a little while later, eating something, so Sadie was naturally staring me down, waiting for some of whatever I was eating. After I finished eating though, I see Sadie stick her nose up high in the air, and she just starts sniffing. She caught the scent of those cookies from earlier and she knew they were on the table. Much to her dismay though, she could not see them (damn those short corgi legs!). So what does she do? Jumps halfway up on the chair and rests her head on the table to confirm their location on the table. "Yup! They're there! I knew it!!!!" So clearly because that was so freaking cute, I gave her another cookie haha. Smart dog.

What's even more amusing about this new UPS routine is that when it's not the usual delivery driver (which it hasn't been this week), Sadie is beside herself when this new person comes to the door WITHOUT cookies. I mean, how dare he! We were going for a walk the other night and up the street comes the UPS truck. Sadie FLIPPED OUT. She was jumping around, wagging her nub, and barking. It was like she was like "Heyyyyy! Remember me!!! You give me cookies!!!" Then this poor man, who is not the usual driver, gets out of the truck and looks at Sadie confused. He probably thought Sadie wanted to attack him. It was super fun trying to get her to continue to walk down the block while that truck sat there, too!

While I think it's awesome that our usual driver gives out treats to the doggies and genuinely loves them all, I do feel bad for the substitute drivers! It's just too funny that Sadie knows what the sound of that truck stopping means!
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