Friday, January 7, 2011

Chillin' Bonz

Sadie received a pretty cool gift from my Grandma for Christmas, and we had to try it out right away. It's called Chillin' Bonz. It's this awesome tray that allows you to freeze bone-shaped treats for your dog! It comes with a bunch of recipes, too. So we tried the peanut butter and banana flavor, because Sadie loves PB and bananas! It also had a little bit of honey in it as well. The trays come in two different sizes; either four large bones, or I think eight smaller bones. We have the tray with four bones. I've been breaking them up though when I give them to Sadie because she just inhales them lol

 This is the product. It's pretty cool, I think. The tray snaps closed and has an inner removable layer as well (where the bone molds are), which makes for easy cleaning.
 Mixing up the yums!
 I can has treats now?
 The treats pre-freezing. 
Sadie got to lick the bowl, too!

Then we put them in the freezer and waited a few hours until...
 Frozen yummies!!!

I couldn't get a picture of her eating the bone, because I seriously turned around to get the camera, and when I turned back, she finished it lol. So I suppose she approves!!! These will be great in the summer, I think! I definitely want to try all the recipes. We'll let you know how they all come out :)

Oh, I also wanted to clearly could do the same thing with an ice cube tray, but I thought these were pretty cool, and I like the bone shape hehe. Also, the bones come out of the tray VERY easily, because the inner removable layer is a softer material that allows you to pop out the treats with ease. I would definitely recommend it! By far one of coolest gifts Sadie received :) I think she's a fan of them as well!


  1. Very cool! More convenient than using ice trays, I'm guessing! :)

  2. Oh yeah, I meant to mention that haha. You could certainly use ice trays, but yeah this is handy! And they pop out of the tray very easily.

  3. That's adorable, great for summertime treats.

  4. oh, these look like fun...May be worth getting just for the recipes alone :-)

  5. Jenny, yes! These will be awesome in the summer :)

    Lisa, they're so fun!! I def recommend them!

    Miriam, I can post some of the recipes here :) But yes, I think they are totally worth it for that alone.

  6. Oh!!!!!!! Man! Bailey wants one!! Please let us know if you can find out where she bought it, or where else they carry it!!!

  7. This is so fun! Gus loves ice cubes, so I bet he'd love a frozen pb treat!

  8. So cute! Would you be able to post some of the recipes? I bought the tray but the book was missing : (

  9. I have the small ones and my dogs LOVE LOVE them...

  10. Yes, I will post the recipes that we got with our Chillin' Bonz! Sorry I haven't sooner :(

    Sadie loved the PB, yogurt, banana and honey ones as well :)

  11. Sadie is adorable,I rescued a beagle corgi mix back in July and also have a beagle jack Russell mix, I think they would love this!


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