Monday, January 18, 2010

Sadie's Recipe

I think I mentioned in the Halloween post that when we went on the doggie costume parade, Sadie had her picture taken for a doggie cookbook...But I may have forgotten to mention that. Anyway, we received the cookbook before the holidays, but I have just been forgetting to post it! Each page is a different dog (in their Halloween costume) and each dog has their own recipe. You could even add a little bio to the facing page (which I, of course, did!). The company that produced the books allows you to submit your dog for future editions on their website. So if you're interested, the website is They donate a portion of sales to various animal shelters as well, which is great!

So here are Sadie's bio and recipe! Hoping you can read these...I need to make a proper scan, but figured I could just post the proof I had for now...(EDIT: If you click on the photos, it should bring up a larger version that you can actually read!)


  1. isn't that cute!I like the idea and yum with the biscotti :)


  2. Sooo cute!! I'll have to make that recipe! :)

  3. Thanks! Yeah, I haven't made the recipe yet, but it looks tasty!!!


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