Thursday, January 28, 2010

Grumpy Girl

Sadie has been unusually grumpy lately. And very vocal. I'm not sure if it's just because it's the winter, and she doesn't get as much exercise, or she's just a brat. It's funny though, because she didn't make any noise for the longest time, and now she won't shut up haha. She's getting pretty predictable in her brattiness though...

Whenever I'm sitting at the table, eating or doing whatever, she gets mad that she can't sit on my lap. So she barks at me. And she gets all worked up usually, and then starts sneezing. And barking. And really, I find it hard not to laugh, which just makes her more mad haha. I can practically hear her as a bratty teenager when she barks at me: "MOM!!!!!! BUT I WANT TO SIT ON YOUR LAPPPPPPP!! MOMMMMMM!!!!!!!"

This is a new thing...every night, we lay in bed and watch TV. Sadie always ends up sprawled in the center of the bed, taking up more room than I when I actually need to go to sleep, I move her over so I can at least get under the covers. But for the past couple of weeks, she growls when I try to move her! The brat!! I don't let her get away with this, as I don't want her snapping at anyone if they try to move her, but it doesn't seem to be letting up at all. Any suggestions? I don't know what her problem is...I mean, I guess she is just comfortable and doesn't want me to move her. But too bad!

Another new thing she does is tries to distract me before I get ready for work every morning. She does so by getting that red squeaky ball you see in the previous entry and squeaking it incessantly. She loves those squeaky balls! So every morning, I have been playing fetch with her. If only she knew how much I'd rather be at home than be at work!!!!

And god forbid I change our routine in ANY way (such as watching TV in the family room instead of my bedroom)!!! Poor Sadie doesn't know what to do with herself then, and she just cries until I restore balance in her world.

(I might sound like these things annoy me, but in all honesty, I think they're freaking adorable. I just love how her personality is really showing now. I think she was so scared to be a dog before.)

Oh, also! As a birthday present to myself, I bought a really nice camera (a starter DSLR), so hopefully you will be seeing some awesome pictures on here once I figure out how to use it!!! :)


  1. Brian sneezes and barks when he something too. haha.

    I would show her who's the boss around the house. If she growls, I would growl at her back till I win. That's just what I think.

    It's good to hear that she's starting to feel for comfortable. :)

    I bought a starter slr too not to long ago as well--a Nikon D40 :D

  2. Is Sadie asleep when you try to move her? When Caleb would be passed out asleep on my bed and my Boyfriend would pick him up to move him to his doggy bed he would make this groan / growl too. Even though it was very short and definitely not a normal "I am warning you" growl, it still had me concerned...until I had an epiphany: I groan when I am woken up out of a nice sound sleep, especially if said Boyfriend is trying to scoot me to the other side of the bed, too! So now before he picks him up, he wakes him up by talking to him, saying something like, 'ok Caleb time to go to your bed', and once Caleb is awake, Boyfriend can carry him around all around the apartment if he wants. Just a thought. Not sure what to suggest if Sadie is awake when you try to move her.

  3. Koda doesn't growl when we try to move him in bed, he's like a rock and just stays put LOL. But he does demand attention for sure. Can't stand if I'm talk to hubby, barks and wants to be in the center of it at times. Wonder why Ms. Sadie is grumpy though; maybe she just needs a good run or lots of exercise when the weather permits


  4. These corgis are too funny! I just love their little personalities. It seems a lot of corgis bark/sneeze when they aren't getting attention! Haha. Silly pups.

    As for the sleeping situation. Sometimes she is asleep, but others she is kind of half asleep. I will try waking her up first. That might work. She was ok last night. She knows she is doing something wrong when she growls at me and is immediately maybe she is just tired and annoyed I'm waking her up...because yeah, I would be too haha.

    And for my camera, I got a Nikon D3000! Can't wait to use it!

  5. Sadie, Sadie, Sadie,

    Your mother is so behind. Doesn't she know ALL corgis growl when they are disturbed on THEIR bed (all beds in any house belong to the CORGI)? Make your Mum read Corgi 101 again.

    And of course Mr. Squeaky Ball is used as an attenion-getter. We use Mr. Monkey as a bat to hit Mum in the leg. Eventually she gets with it and plays with us. Sadie, you must realize these bipeds are SLOW, you have to work with them to get them educated.

    Hang in there, eventually you will get your hooman trained, but it may take time.

    Love, Dozer, Dottie and Cooper

  6. Funny - Momo just started doing this as well. He only tends to do it when he's nearly asleep or sleeping on the furniture (couch or bed). It definitely sounded like a warning growl to us, though, so our solution was to just not let him up on the furniture anymore unless he was specifically invited. If he growls again, he gets a big stern "OFF!" from me and he gets off and goes to his dog bed. Just keep an eye out - if it gets more intense definitely be careful so that it doesn't escalate to anything more serious :)

  7. I'd keep an eye on it too as you don't want her to think that SHE is the Alpha Dog... YOU always have to be in that position, but sounds like it's mostly when she is waking up and she wouldn't really be accountable for that. OC "Talks... or is that SHOUTS a lot, too" but it is usually for a good reason, i.e. the pups are playing to close and bumping her,or she needs help getting on or off the bed so she can go potty or get a drink. I try to understand what it is she wants.

    With her bad hips and back, I understand that she would be grumpy to others who are wrestling round her and bumping her, and in the other case, she is asking for help. Sometimes, she can't stand by herself anymore at first until someone helps her up onto her feet. Her meds help so much, but she's supposed to get them every 12 hours and they sort of tend to wear off after about 8 hours or so.


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