Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Sneezy Sneezertons

I am pretty sure that Sadie is suffering from seasonal allergies, just like I am. The pollen has been insane here lately. My car is covered in a layer of it every morning, and my face is constantly itchy. It’s lovely, really. Sadie has been sneezing a lot more lately. I’m hoping it’s just allergies though; she is acting perfectly normal otherwise. Many times when we are outside, and she is sniffing for the perfect spot to go to the bathroom, the sneezing begins, which is why I’m thinking it’s seasonal allergies. She sneezes in the house, too, but we have had our windows open a lot lately. Everyone is sneezing. At home, and at work. This allergy season has been brutal.

Are your dogs suffering from seasonal allergies right now? Are you? If Sadie is just sneezing and not acting differently otherwise (eating and going to the bathroom as usual, and playing), I shouldn’t worry, right?


  1. I wouldn't worry unless she started coughing or if weird colored goo came out of her nose or eyes. Just sneezing is normal I believe.

    Gibson sneezes all the time, all year round. I think he likes it :) He does it when he wants something haha.

    His allergies usually start around March-April and then he has more in August. August is the bad time for him (at least it was last year). In the spring, he just gets really drippy eyes.. in August he itches everywhere and loses all of his eyeliner on his eyes :(

  2. Herman has been sneezing a lot(usually on me) and his eyes are really draining. He has too much eyeliner. (: He also starts to lick his paws a lot. If it gets bad enough he can have a doggy dose of benadryl.

  3. thankfully I haven't suffered from allergies. Koda doesn't either. I think as long as Sadie is acting pretty normally, I wouldn't worry about the sneezing :)


  4. I have two rescue corgis! One has a seasonal skin allergy. .He will start to lick his paws just before it gets bad on the rest of his body. I wouldn't worry about the sneezing either.


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