Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Official PetSmart Greeter

We went to PetSmart the other day to get Sadie’s nails cut. She really hates getting her nails cut. And now they make me leave the room, which upsets her even more. They had to put a muzzle on her last time! She was not happy. I felt so horrible. I wish she would just let me cut them myself; although that worries me as well. But I do have the clippers that have that safety clip so you don’t cut too far. Not like it matters though, because the second I take them out, Sadie goes running. One time when I took Sadie to get her nails cut, the groomer mentioned that most corgis hate having their paws touched/nails clipped. I’m guessing most dogs don’t like it very much. But Sadie really hates it. What about your dog? How do they do with getting their nails cut?

Anyway, long story short...Sadie lucked out because they had stopped grooming for the day by the time we got there. So I grabbed something we needed and headed to the register to pay. The register is right by the entrance and the automatic doors. Every time we are by the register, Sadie takes it upon herself to become the PetSmart greeter. She sees people coming in the distance, and her butt starts wiggling. She thinks they are coming just to see her, apparently. She gets super excited and goes to greet each and every person that walks through the doors, not to mention all the people waiting on line with us. It becomes rather difficult when I am holding her leash with one hand and paying with the other! Sadie just LOVES people...and attention!


  1. oh my goodness that sounds like bailey too. he thinks everyone is his friend, especially in stores. hahahaah... i have to remind him that not everyone wants to say hi, esepcially if he likes to jump on them. hahha but thats cute

    we use the pedipaws. takes awhile, but works. bailey gets so many treats during the sessions... but he hates it. ...!!

  2. I use a dremel to cut Philip's nails. This way I can't cut too far and even though it takes longer, it's certainly more pleasant for the toes.

    As for his opinion of it - he certainly doesn't like it, but he puts up with it because he knows that I'll win no matter what.

    It helped that he was conditioned to it from a very young age. Lots of yummy cookies during and after the process are a good motivator too. Most importantly though, I get a firm grip on him and he can't get away even if he tries.

    I've done my friend's dog's nails once and she is much less compliant than Philip, but she too couldn't get away from my grip :)

    Funny about being a greeter, I can just picture her. Philip is too busy jumping up to the counter and begging for treats, so he doesn't pay so much attention to other people and dogs at the store.

  3. Ein starts walking away when I bring out the nail clipper. I hand the clippers to bf and carry Ein over and place my right foot on a chair, put my right arm across his chest (with his arms resting above my arm), while his bum is resting on my perched up leg while bf clips away. It takes about 2 minutes to trim all of his nails. Takes about 3 minutes if Ein tries to move around. So we tell him to stay and he stays still.
    Brian, on the other hand, stays calm throughout the nail clipping.

    We use Millers Forge clippers:

    and treats afterward!

    That's so cute! Ah, only if we were greeted by corgis instead of people at Walmart for example...I'd actually feel welcome :D

  4. too cute with Sadie being the official Pet Smart greeter :) I see a new career for her :)

    I guess I walk Koda a lot because his nails wear off on the sidewalk; I haven't had to take him to get them trimmed. But he hates his paws touched.


  5. That's a corgi classic! My husband does retail at trade shows and there are a few small ones we can bring our Gracie to. She becomes the official greeter; she goes to the door each time someone comes in and greets them all. Then she mooches food from them at lunch time.

    Sometimes I think they only come to see her - I swear that they wouldn't even talk to us if Gracie wasn't there. hahahaha!

    Philadelphia, PA

  6. Karen, yeah Sadie loves to jump on everyone, too. I think she just wants to get closer to their hand, so they'll pet her! I was interesting in trying out the PediPaws, but I really don't think she'd let me do that...Is it really loud??

    Philip's Mom, I've heard good things about the Dremel, too. I just doubt Sadie would put up with it haha. She is really squirmy...and pulls her paws away from me. She's quite the brat :)

    Aj, that's the type of clipper I have...but the second she sees it, she runs! I never have even been able to use it. She just knows! And aww yes, wouldn't it be wonderful to be greeted by corgis everywhere???

    Betty, I never used to get her nails cut very often; they'd wear down on the sidewalk/pavement for the most part, but my aunt and uncle just got a new wood floor, so I try to keep her nails short for them!

    Mary, thanks for stopping by! Corgis just love attention, don't they? I love how friendly they are :)

  7. Hey you should get that thing I see on TV that I cannot think of the name of right now, AHHH, but it's like a file that goes in circles to file their nails or something. I know someone that has one and says it works really well and does not hurt.

  8. oh man, sammy is so the same way at any petstore. anymore it is only a rare trip where we dont all go as a family so one can control the samster and one can control the acting like an adult in society, paying, carrying items, etc. at our petsmart we have a lady who works there and owns 2 corgis of our own, and we always have to stop to say hi. its just sammy's duty. at our petco we have a guy we have seen since the week we brought sammy home and he loves to see how much bigger he has gotten each time. he always gets down on the ground with sammy. now sammy believe any other person will do this! or at least give him a treat! haha.

  9. Our older corgis all hate having their paws fooled with. My sisters and I went together and got a pedipaws and it's worked pretty well... Even OC tolerated it and she tends to get kind of "nippy" even at me when I'm doing her nails... Doesn't bite me, but nips AT me in warning.

    When using a clipper, it always take TWO of us to do the work... One to sit in the chair and hold the corgi upside down on their back (back to person's stomach) and one to do the clipping.

    When I used the pedipaws the last time, I was able to do them all by myself with them sitting on the table. It was the first time for the pups and with a lot of treats between nails and then between paws, it got done much easier than with the clippers.

    The Pedipaws IS a dremel tool, but incased in a plastic cap type of thing that doesn't let you get to far into it. It was fairly quiet, too, so that didn't upset them. Grammy from Corgi Country

    PS I can just see Sadie greeting people... I'd much rather see her than some people! And I love the header!

  10. I think I might check out PediPaws, but I'm pretty sure Sadie won't let me do it...She's quite the stubborn little girl. Thanks! Glad you like the header :)


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