Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Corgi Creativity

In an effort to find a removable corgi decal for my new (to me) car, I discovered some other fun corgi items I wanted to share with everyone. I have no affiliation with any of these sellers; I just thought these items were too cute to keep to myself! If you haven’t purchased from etsy before, you’re missing out! There is some incredible stuff on there — all handmade! And of course, thanks to Kelly from Corgi Butts, Laurie from The Daily Corgi, and all my other Facebook friends for help finding decals...I still haven’t ordered one, because I am insanely indecisive, but now I have several options to choose from :)

Look at this adorable corgi chalkboard!! I think I need this! Don’t you?

I love this notepad, but I probably wouldn’t want to write on it, it’s so cute...

I absolutely love these little corgi bags (there are several varieties on their shop). Perfect when you’re going to the dog park and don’t want to bring your full purse!

Pretty sure this applies to all of our corgis!

Freaking adorable...and she will change the colors so it looks like your dog!

This is just pretty, and cute. I’d wear it all the time...

And two decals I really liked...


  1. holy crud, I love those mini corgi bags!!!!

  2. Aren't they freaking adorable??? Needdddd!

  3. Im in the same boat as Kelly. I must have one of the mini corgi bags!!!! And the charm is just darling!

  4. Yeah, they are freaking necessary haha.

  5. Laurie, good on you, I love alllll this stuff ! Those decals are fabulous !!

  6. i want it all.. right now!!! oh everything is so cute how are you going to decide?!!??

  7. I saw those bags the other day when I did a random "corgi" search on Etsy.

    I told Casey that I hope to see one in my Christmas stocking. :)

  8. Lois, aren't they great? So many corgi things to choose from!

    Karen, I can't decide!!!

    Rachel, love those bags!! So need to get one :)

  9. Omg, I want all of them! The little baggy reminds me of a Pokeball from Pokemon, haha. Still, very cute!

  10. I love the "obey the corgi" plaque; we would need that for our house indeed! so many cute corgi items!!! hubby wants to get for the car the sticker that says "my corgi is smarter than your honor student" but I keep dissuading him (even though we knew its true, LOL)

    enjoy the weekend!


  11. I had no idea there were so many great Corgi items available ~ how exciting! No more coming up empty-handed when searching for corgi birthday or Christmas gifts for my daughter.

  12. Hi Laurie, I'm a new follower. Sadie is soooo cute and that Corgi charm is amazing. I am so buying that. My Corgi puppy has a blog now too, check it out: http://dexterdiary.blogspot.com/

  13. Aj, so adorable, right? Definitely want that one.

    Betty, I love the My Corgi is Smarter than Your Honor Student sticker! Haha.

    Karin, I know, right? So awesome!!

    Hi, Paige! Thanks, and welcome to our blog :) Hope you like it! Going to check out your blog now!!

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