Friday, July 8, 2011


I recently got an iPhone, and have fallen in love...not only with the phone, but with the Hipstamatic App. It's this awesome app that has all these different films and lenses for the camera. It takes GREAT photos. And it's perfect for me when I'm not carrying around my giant DSLR. I've been able to snap some awesome pics. And you can even have prints made.

Naturally, most of my pictures have been of Sadie (and as you'll see, mostly of Sadie sleeping haha). So I wanted to share some of them with you! Until I formulate a proper post, I figured some nice pictures of my sweet Sadie would hold you over!!

And here are some of my favorite non-Sadie Hipstaprints:


  1. Those are from your phone?? Wow, I thought they were filters you used in photoshop after you took the photo w/your dslr! Too cool! My phone's camera is ghetto, but I'm going to have to make Ben download that app for his iphone :)

  2. Yup!!! It's my iPhone. Amazing, right? Def have him dl it!

  3. I loved them all! I liked #6 and #8 the best!! What a cool ap to have!! glad you like your IPhone!

    hope you guys are doing well and enjoying summer!


  4. love them! im gonna get the app on my new touch. ;) i cant wait to have hipsta-bailey pics!

    p.s. at our corgi meetup yesterday, there was a black headed tri that reminded me of sadie. his name was beans though. :) anyways, check out the pics on fb if you care to take a look!

    take care

  5. Betty, thanks! We are doing well. Hope all is well with you!

    Karen, I will check them out for sure! And can't wait to see Hipsta-Bailey pics! :)


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