Tuesday, March 27, 2012

MrChewy.com Review and Contest!

Lucky us! We were approached by MrChewy.com recently, and offered to test out their website and products. We gratefully accepted and ordered lots of different goodies.

If you haven’t been to their site before, you have to check it out! They are an online pet food retailer and they offer over 80 brands of pet food, treats and supplies — for dogs and cats. They carry all the high-quality foods and treats I know many of you use for your dogs, and at discounted rates!

It was hard to pick what to order because there was so much to choose from — and lots of items I have wanted to try for Sadie but just never bought before for whatever reason. This is what we ended up with:   

Naturally, Sadie was very excited when this box arrived at our door! She knew it was for her!! I didn’t let her have everything yet, of course, but she has already approved of most of these treats. She isn’t too picky when it comes to food, but she knows good stuff when she smells it!

She is a BIG fan of the antlers, which I was very happy to finally get for her. (Although, I should have ordered a medium instead of a small; I wasn’t sure what size would be best for her…) She has been munching on that for the past few days!

Something else I love about MrChewy.com? They have a great referral program! Once you sign up for the site, you’ll get your own unique referral code to give out to friends, family, other bloggers, etc. When someone orders using your code, they will get 10% off their first order! But that’s not all! For every new friend that orders from them, they will donate $10 to one of their partner charities (you choose who you want to donate to). There is nolimit to how many people you can refer or to the amount of donations they’ll make!! Talk about an awesome website! :) So if you’d like to order, please use my referral code: LAUR7443. Find out more about the referral program here.

Now here’s the part you have all been waiting for!! One of you lucky readers has the chance to win some of these great products! I ordered a few extras of some of the above items, and I’d like to send them to one of you! There might be some extra goodies included, too — you never know! ;) All you have to do is leave a comment and tell us what you think of MrChewy.com! Be sure to check out their Facebook and Twitter pages, too!


  1. My dog needs this! I would be really comfortable buying any of the brands on the Mr. Chewy website and I tend to be very picky. Also - the little logo is cute.

  2. Nice! Their website looks great and I love the referral program idea :) I will have to remember to order from them soon.

    Hope Sadie enjoys all of her goodies!!! :)

  3. So Sadie likes her antler? I got one for Lita, and she went to it for a bit, and then wanted nothing to do with it. Very disappointing. How were the other chewy items? Did they last long? Lita can take out a greenie in about 90 seconds.
    Thanks for letting me know your thoughts.

  4. Yummy looking treats, which I would most graciously try if asked! Love your blog,,,,,corgi kisses, lady Gwen (but you can call me Gwennie!)

  5. MrChewy looks like an awesome place to shop, they have so many different brands! And it gets MEGA bonus points in my book for their donations and willingness to help at-risk pets :) My corgi would be honored to receive anything from them!

  6. Ohno says the antler chews look yummmy

  7. Our Jozi would love any of the treats that Mr. Chewy has on their site. The Mr. Chewy site is great and an added bonus is their referral program. I think we will have to be ordering from them soon! Jozi told me to order now she thinks she would like the Antler Chews.
    Thanks so much for giving us the link to such a great site!

  8. Kiara Ovalle Mickey's momMarch 31, 2012 at 11:27 PM

    MrChewy.com sounds very convenient and reasonably priced. Mickey,Evie and Max love treats ^_^

  9. Looks like a great site. I checked out Sojos and antler prices. Not too bad!

    Maybe I'll order there instead of Amazon next time.

  10. I have a corgi named Sadie too!!! And I know she would love the antlers to chew on!!! Yum! :-)

  11. I would love to try these treats! Pick me! Pick me!


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