Wednesday, March 7, 2012

We Miss You!

And we hope you miss us, too :)

Sorry I have fallen off the face of the Earth lately. I try to update Sadie's Facebook page sometimes, at least...

Apparently lack of time for a blog is what happens when you work full-time, go to graduate school part-time, and are in a long-term relationship (it's almost our one year anniversary!!). I apologize for our lack of posting/updating. I just haven't had much time.

2012 has already been quite hectic, to say the least. The year started with a trip to Florida, so my boyfriend could meet my mom, and then my boyfriend and I could go on a short cruise. However, it turned into a bit of a disaster thanks to a full-body rash and a diagnosis of mono for me on our first day there! Ugh. Definitely not what I planned. I basically wasn't able to drink, wear a bathing suit, or be in the sun on our cruise haha. But we made the most of it. And it showed me what a good guy I have.

Other than that, I've just been busy and on the mend. But last week Sadie had some tummy issues -- possibly colitis? I won't get into too much detail, but her poop was not pretty. And it had mucus in it. So I freaked out and brought her to the vet. Put her on a rice/chicken diet and she is on antibiotics. She seems to be doing better. I just re-introduced some kibble with the rice, and she is doing ok. The most interesting thing? Ever since she's been on the rice/chicken diet and the antibiotics, her breath is not rancid!!! What does everything think that means?! Is it the meds, or the diet? I don't know...But I would like her breath to stay like this haha.

I'm thinking of putting Sadie on enzymes (and maybe probiotics) once she is off of the meds. Any suggestions?

Anyway, that's the basic update for now :) We hope you're all doing well! I haven't been on here in so long, so I have no idea what's going on unless you also post on Facebook! Haha.

Not sure when I'll get back to posting but I wanted to say hi!


  1. Yes, we have missed you. Sorry your cruise was such a partial disaster. My pack sissy, April, has inflammatory bowel disease and takes a Metamucil capsule once a day. It seems to help.

  2. Glad to see you in the blog world again :) Gibson gets "D-Zymes" on his food every day and hasn't had an episode since he's been on them. Here's a post that tells which ones I use:


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