Friday, June 8, 2012

Summer Fun with Chillin' Bonz!

Can you believe it's already June?? The weather is getting nicer and nicer, and I am really looking forward to taking Sadie to the park and the beach on the weekends! And I know the perfect treat to make for her on these hot summer days!

Remember when I posted about the awesome gift we received -- Chillin' Bonz? We had such a great response to that post, that I wanted to remind everyone about them since summer is right around the corner. Here's a refresher:

 This is the product. It's pretty cool, I think. The tray snaps closed and has an inner removable layer as well (where the bone molds are), which makes for easy cleaning.
 Mixing up the yums!
 I can has treats now?
 The treats pre-freezing. 
Sadie got to lick the bowl, too!

Then we put them in the freezer and waited a few hours until...
 Frozen yummies!!!

We tried the peanut butter and banana flavor, because Sadie loves PB and bananas! It also had a little bit of honey in it as well. I couldn't get a picture of her eating the bone, because I seriously turned around to get the camera, and when I turned back, she finished it lol. So I suppose she approves!!!

(You missed the post or don't remember?! Then check it out, here.)

And while I posted the recipes that came with this awesome product, I just learned that they will be launching a website with additional recipes at the end of next week! (Be sure to check out then!)

I know some of you also have this product, and may have created some of your very own recipes. If so, starting next week, you can email them to and your favorite recipe might be included on the site, as well!

I can't wait to see what other recipes they post -- and I bet Sadie can't wait to taste them!! ;)


  1. These look so fun. Does Sadie lick it til it melts or bite right into it? :)

  2. Oh she barely chews them ha. She inhales as with everything!


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