Monday, April 19, 2010

A Few of My Favorite Things...

Things I love:

Waking up to a cold nose on my cheek.

Coming home to a wiggly bunny butt.

Not being able to move in bed because a warm little corgi is laying on my legs.

Wondering where Sadie is when I’m laying on the couch watching TV, and finding her curled up on our bed because she’s just too tired.

Watching Sadie spend five minutes “making her bed” and curling up, and then getting up three seconds later to find a better place to sleep.

The fact that Sadie knows my routine and goes and lays on our bed when I am washing my face before bed.

The smell of puppy paws.

Sadie constantly looking back at me when I’m walking her to make sure I’m still there.

The sound of a squeaky ball squeaking incessantly in the background when I’m talking to my mom on the phone.

Sadie pulling my comforter off of me if I don’t get out of bed quickly enough in the morning.

When Sadie scans the dog park looking at all the humans until she sees me and her face lights up (seriously!).

The cute doggie sighs and moans Sadie makes every time she moves in bed, just to let me know she’s still there.

Unconditional love from the cutest little girl I’ve ever met.


  1. I love this post. Every bit of it is so true! Espciallt puppy paws, I thought I was the only one to play with them and smell them. lol
    Thanks for the comment about the park, Whiskey is getting to really love the water. Im so excited!

  2. Aah, how sweet! I love this post:D.

  3. it. made me pick up sammy and smother him with kisseys!!!

  4. aren't they perceptive to know our schedules and anticipate and be where they are suppose to be? too cute with all your favorite things, Sadie is definitely a keeper :)


  5. awwww i love it. :) i wish bailey was much more of a snuggler than sadie seems to be!

  6. Glad everyone liked this post :) I was having a bad day, so I was trying to focus on the things that make me smile!

    Katie, I love the way Sadie's paws smell!!! Hahah. I was going to do a post about them, actually :)

    Betty, they are so smart, aren't they?? It always amazes me how she knows. So cute.

    Karen, Sadie is quite the snuggle bug...except when she is VERY tired. Then she is grumpy haha. Kind of like her mama!

  7. That was very sweet :-)
    I was smiling the whole time since many of these are true for me as well :-)

  8. Aww I love it!! Everything sounds like my life w/my little guy too :)

  9. haha sounds like all the things I love about Jasper too :)

  10. These corgis are good at keeping us happy, huh? :)


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