Thursday, April 1, 2010

Someone Was Bored...

Since I’m staying at someone else’s house, I try to make my bed everyday. I never really made it much when it was my own apartment...mainly because I didn’t care haha. Usually when I’m getting ready in the morning, Sadie is laying on my bed. I obviously never want to disturb her, so I tend to make the bed around her. On rare mornings, like yesterday, she lays on the floor and I’m able to make the bed properly. But it’s what happens to the bed when I’m at work that is really amusing...

This is what I came home to yesterday:

This is not how I left my bed hahaha. What kills me the most? The ONE random flip flop. She went under my bed and pulled this out. But she didn’t chew on it. No, it was just on the bed...why? To keep her company? I guess maybe it smells like me, so she likes that. It’s just too funny that she does this (it has happened more than once). Sometimes she even takes clothes out of my hamper, and those are scattered about as well. Oh Sadie, you will never cease to awe me with your cute and weird behaviors!


  1. LOL!! very creative in how she spends her days when you are gone!!


  2. Too funny, right??? She's so cute. I am glad she makes herself comfortable while I am at work ;)

  3. haha, can she get up on the bed by herself!?

  4. Tash, yeah! She jumps up there by herself. She can jump pretty high, even with those tiny legs of hers!! Haha.


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