Monday, April 26, 2010

Nicknames and Made Up Words

I always said I would never be one of those people that dressed up their dog or talked baby talk to them. But sadly, I do both of these things. It’s just too hard to resist the urge haha. I don’t dress Sadie up on a daily basis or anything (but she has been known to wear a sweater or other piece of clothing, as evidenced HERE). I know, I know, evil. But seriously, she looks so cute in clothes!! Haha.

I have recently become painfully aware of the fact that I make up words and talk in a completely different voice when I’m talking to Sadie. Why? I have no clue. That cute little face just brings out the loser in me apparently haha. So, I’m wondering if you talk this way to your dog, too? Do you make up words? Do you have cute nicknames for your pup? I’ll share a few of my words and nicknames.

A big one I use is Yummersons. (I use this to describe something that is yummy — duh ha. This is usually said when she is eating breakfast/dinner. For example, “Mmmmm is that yummersons?”) I also use variations of this for other words, such as sleepy sleepertons, tummersons (for tummy), stinkertons, etc. Hahaha writing this out really makes me sound insane. But I promise you, I am sane (for the most part). For some reason these words just come out of me when I’m talking to Sadie. The best part? My uncle now says a lot of them when he talks to Sadie!

As for nicknames, Sadie has quite a few: Sadie Kins, Sader Taters (or just Saders or Taters), Stinkerbelle, Puppy Pants, Monkey...

So, you be the judge: am I insane?!


  1. omg...... WE NEED TO START A CLUB and companies need to start allowing pets as dependents for health care, and they need to also have doggie daycare at work. :) hahaahha

    I do the same thing. I cannot resist a cute t-shirt and will buy it... and even though bailey doesnt wear clothing everyday, he does have somewhat of a wardrobe for rainy days and other "whenever" days.

    I am also guilty of using a different sorta language around bailey. For water, I use wa-wa... and well its ok at home, but at the dog park, i catch myself saying "go get some wa-wa"... and i just wonder if the people around me think i am a looney. hahahahhahaha.... :)

    Bailey... i just call him just about anything... most of which ive menitoned already (bailey bear, bbear, bales), but i also on occasion call him: snuggle butt, cutie pie, handsome bear, funny butt, silly bear, .... as uve noticed it usually ends with BUTT or BEAR. hahaaha

  2. haha, nope, not insane! We also have a voice for Gibson and he says the same things all the time.. mainly, "I gots to poop, ma!" and "I dunnoz, I'm just a little guy." for whenever he's doing something weird :)

    Oh and my voice sounds like Mickey Mouse whenever I'm talking to him too :)

  3. Karen, hahaha for real! I wish I could bring Sadie to work. People bring their kids in all the time, and Sadie is more behaved than they are!!!! But I'm glad to know I'm not the only one to talk this way to their dog hahaha!

    Kelly, LOL love it!!! I love your Gibson responses, because I can totally hear him saying them in some of the pictures you post. I so wish I knew what Sadie was thinking sometimes!!! Glad I'm not the only one who talks like this to their dog ;)

  4. Oh wow do I ever do that with Sammy. Sammy has many names! He is Sammy, Samster, Sammy-doodle, Sammy-doo, Sammy Pants, Stinker-pants (puppy food made him stinky!), Samm-ah-pants, and trouble maker! Everyone thinks I'm insane, and that's ok, I just love my little corgi, they don't have corgis, they don't understand. I even made a card for Erik for his birthday from Sammy, wrote in kid handwriting with letters backwards and such! And when Erik and I talk to Sammy about the other one, we say Mom, Momma, Dad and extend it to Aunts, Uncles, Grandmas, Great Grandparents. All of it. My grandpa says Sammy is his youngest Great Grandchild! Haha. I think Sammy knows I'm Mom and Erik is Dad. Haha. My voice is soo different, too. Especially when he gets his full name!

  5. Herman has many names too:
    Herminator, Puddle Butt, Herms, Herman the German, Hermster, Killer, Fluffy Butt, Shorty

  6. LOL, Laurie; I like yummerson! who knows, it might get into some dictionary down the line, right?

    I don't baby talk with Koda and never would dress him up (because he wouldn't tolerate it, had trouble trying to keep his graduation hat on for 30 seconds to take a picture when he graduated from puppy training) but I always tell him when he is looking a bit anxious "you are just fine" in this somber voice. His nicknames are Little Guy, Buddy, Poopy.

    cute post :)


  7. Bri, hahaha too cute!! I totally have my mom calling Sadie her granddaughter lol. Whenever I'm on the phone with her, I'm like Sadie, it's Grandma!!!! They are our kids! So I think it's perfectly acceptable :)

    Lesley, I like Puddle Butt and Fluffy Butt!! Hahha. I call Sadie Monkey Butt sometimes. I don't know why. I just like calling her monkey, and butt gets tacked on there lol.

    Betty, I'm glad you like yummersons! You should totally start using that word ha.

  8. My corgi is named Sadie, but I don't share any of those nicknames! Guess they really are individuals! (I use Sadiecat, Honeybunch, amonth others).


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