Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Say Goodbye to Summer/Fall

I grew up in Florida, so there was only ever one season there: Summer. Sometimes during the year you could call it "Hotter Summer" or "Cooler Summer" but we never really had Fall, Spring, or certainly not Winter. I was never really a fan of this when I lived there for 23 years. But now that I have experienced brutal winters (in Boston and NY), I do revel in the Summer heat now. This year, I have been in denial about the fact that Summer is over, and the temperatures are going to continue to drop. Sadie LOVES the snow, but I certainly do not love walking her when it's freezing out. I meant to post these videos of Sadie swimming several months ago...but I actually didn't think my phone had saved them, because I dropped my old phone into the pool as I was filming one of them lol (oops). But they survived somehow! So there is one short one of her swimming, and another of her barking at the bubbles from the filter. She was obsessed with trying to "catch" the bubbles in the water haha. So this is our tribute to the end of Summer. We hope you enjoy it :)

P.S. I may have bought Sadie two more Halloween costumes yesterday because PetSmart was having a 75% off sale!! Oops. So yes, she now has three costumes. I have a problem. Haha. I don't know which costume she'll wear this year though!!!


  1. She is so cute in the pool! :)

    I'm not a big summer fan. I like summer nights... and 'cool' summer days, but I hate the heat! Give me spring or fall any day! I don't mind winter until December 26th ;)

  2. sooo cute! wish we still had some days left to go swimming this year!

  3. Sadie is a good swimmer!! glad your phone was okay!! I'm in Southern California so I understand "perpetual summer". I love cool days and snowy days (never happening here with the snow) but didn't like walking Koda in the ice, always scared I would slip and trip.....

    I'll be anxious to see what costume you pick for Sadie :)


  4. I hate the summer, but not the fall. Winter and fall are my favorites!

  5. im not a fan of the heat at all. i loveee cool sunny days, but im with you on the snow - i like it but not enough to be freezing everyday. bailey still hasnt seen snow yet. maybe ill take him this year. :)

  6. I guess I only enjoy the hot summer days if I'm at the beach :) Otherwise, they're just TOO hot. But winters here are just evil haha.

    And Betty, unfortunately my phone didn't survive the pool incident, but the memory card with the videos somehow did!


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