Friday, October 29, 2010

'Tis the Season

I'm skipping over Halloween (momentarily) to post about the awesome cards on Shutterfly. Right now, Shutterfly is offering 20% off all holiday cards.

I'm still not sure which card design I will choose, because there are so many! They have Christmas cards, Hanukkah cards, and even Christmas invitations if you plan on having a holiday party.

When choosing a holiday card, I usually opt for something that isn't too Christmas-y. A lot of people I send cards to don't celebrate Christmas, so I like to stay a bit neutral. Plus, pictures of Sadie are the main focus anyway, so we don't want anything too distracting! I'm thinking about using a design that allows for multiple photos, like this one:


But then there are so many awesome designs that just allow for one larger photo, and I'm tempted to use one of those instead. Something like this is really pretty, I think:


But I'm not sure I have one really amazing picture of Sadie and me. I was going to possibly put some of my "photography" pics on card that allows for multiple photos, including pictures of Sadie. What does everyone think? Maybe I could create my own photo collage and then upload it to a design that allows for one large photo. Not sure if that would be too busy then? Hmmm, well I am going to have to decide soon! The problem is, I have a lot of great photos of Sadie alone, but she refuses to pose for pictures when I'm in them with her!! Is it weird to just send a card with Sadie on it? Haha.

Lastly, if you would like to receive 50 FREE Holiday Cards from Shutterfly for posting an entry like this on your blog, check this out.


  1. Wow, that is a sweet deal! I may have to sign up :)

    I think if you did a collage of sadie on the bottom one it would look nice as long as it was black and white :)

  2. Right? I had to get in on this deal haha. Do you think it's weird to just have pics of Sadie on my card though?? I mean, people do that with their kids!!! Haha. I always feel like I have to be on my card, but ugh I don't have great pics of both of us.

  3. I think a collage of your pictures would look good Laurie and I bet if they were arranged just right, they wouldn't look cluttered, know what I mean? maybe think of some theme, like Sadie, or flowers or trees whatever and stick to pictures from that theme..

    just a thought. I still can't imagine we are that close to Christmas!


  4. Your not the only one who is skipping Halloween for a moment! I can't wait til' Christmas and Peanut's b-day

  5. my boyfriend and I have done holiday cards for the past 2 years and of course going to do one this year. THey progessively get better and more creative. We do a nice one of us and then one with the animals. Although I like everyone's idea of the collage!


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