Tuesday, February 15, 2011

My Dog Has Outsmarted Me!

It's amazing how dogs catch onto routines so quickly. Sadie knows that when I wash my face at night, I'm getting ready for bed, and she'll go wait for me on our bed. Or in the morning, when I brush my teeth, she knows I'm going to be leaving for work (or somewhere) soon. Every morning, she comes into the bathroom with me. For the longest time, she would then follow me back to our room where I'd get ready. Sadie stays in my room during the day. Because I'm still living with family, she doesn't have free roam of the house when I'm away. Usually she will behave, but sometimes, she decides to pull out all the trash or something equally annoying.

She knows that once I get her in that room, I'm going to leave her in there. So she's decided to NOT follow me back to my room after I shower. Instead she will lay on the couch in the living room. This then forces me to coax her back into my bedroom before I leave for work. This used to be as easy as asking her if she wanted a cookie. She'd come running, because what corgi says no to food??? But my smart little corgi has put two and two together. She knows that the cookie means she has to go in my room. So guess what? SHE IS REFUSING TO COME GET A COOKIE!

Oh trust me, she wants that cookie. I see her contemplating the ramifications. She will look the other way, and then keep checking out of the corner of her eye to see if it's still there. How has my dog become smarter than me??? So now I basically have to pick her up or REALLY trick her with the cookie. Once she's off the couch, she will follow me if I have the cookie in my hands. It's just a matter of getting her off the couch. We will both be happy when we get our own place again, just for the fact that we won't have to play these silly games! What a punk!!

"Who, me?"


  1. Haha, smart doggy!
    I started giving Rudy a treat, before heading outside to do animal chores... and he won't let me go out there door now, without giving him one!

    Rudy's Raiser

  2. Hahha same thing has happened to me with the “come” and that word has now associated with baths, grooming, etc. I use “here” now for treats.

    Oh! They are definitely smarter than what we give them credit for! Well! I wash my hair when I shower every OTHER day, and bailey knows that on the days I wash my hair…. He is extra alert when I go to the bathroom (i.e. rushes to the bathroom with me when I go), to see if he can assist with the hair dryer (i.e. bark incessantly at it!!). He’s good if I supply an ENDLESS shower of treats while using it, but still gets nervous. I hardly use the blow dryer anymore…. It makes me nervous when hes nervous!!!!!!!

    Bailey has free roam since we live alone, but when he was young I used to leave him in the kitchen locked in with baby gates so he would pee and poo all over – and well!!!.... he doesn’t like to stay in the kitchen. The only time hes in there is if I am cooking. Poor guy. But bailey isn’t quite as as smart or into game playing as Sadie is because….. bailey will come for cookies. LOL.  try a different variety. Or CHEESE!

    I was reading in a celebrity gossip magazine about the name Sadie (I forget the context.. I think they were talking about popular girl names), and it means princess.  thought of you, Sadie!

  3. Rudy's Raiser, these dogs are just too smart for us!!!

    Karen and Bailey, haha too funny. Sadie doesn't mind my blow dryer. She is afraid of my hair straightener falling on her though, which is probably a valid fear lol. I might have to try a different treat! Sneaky pup. And awww that's so perfect her name means princess!!!! Totally fitting lol.

  4. Yep, they are truly smart and they figure out quickly something to do when they know what is coming that they don't want to do. When I get dressed Chancy smells my clothes and some how knows by that if I am leaving or not and then does his routine that he does when I am going to leave. We hope you can get your own place soon. Hugs and nose kisses

  5. Darn smart doggies!! :) Gibson did the same thing w/me once when he was little.. he refused to eat his food unless i put cheese on top of it.. It took me awhile to not give in to him, but I finally stood my ground and he got over it.. lol :)

  6. Haha, Philip has his moments too. I like to make sure he potties before I leave him at home, and if we've just been out recently, I'll simply let him out the door and ask him to potty. He KNOWS what I want, and he CAN potty on command, but he also knows that it means I'll be leaving, so he just loves to take his sweet time "sniffing out the right spot".
    I've mostly fixed it though. See, I usually give him a cookie before I leave too, but now if he takes too long to potty, no cookie for him. So he has an ultimatum - a few extra minutes, or a cookie. As a proper Corgi, he picks the cookie :)

  7. Welcome to da world of "Da Dog Rules". We all do da same ting to our Mom all da time. It's da ROUTINE! (Not to mention dat we are smarter den da hoomans tink we are) BOL

  8. I always do the same thing to my hoomans as well. We are smarter than hoomans think we are, and definitely know how to work our tails around. BOL.


  9. Paige, right? She makes the best faces haha.

    Mumsy, Chancy and Company, Sadie knows by the smell of my pants, too! How do they know this?? Haha. Too freaking smart!

    Kelly, haha they're all such punks!

    Philip's Mom, Sadie does that too if I take her right before I leave. She's like LALALA let me smell every blade of grass!!!

    Amber DaWeenie, the pups are way too smart!

    Pepsi, hahaha all the doggies are too smart for their own good!

    Lisa, she cracks me up!

  10. they are smarter than we think, LOL, very manipulative too! They figure things out pretty darn quick too!

    I read the Valentine's tribute you did for Sadie, that was such a nice tribute to her, Laurie. She is a very special dog indeed!



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