Friday, February 4, 2011

Pukey Puppy :(

Sadie has woken me up the past two mornings throwing up on my bed. Good times. Why do they always puke so early in the morning? And why is it always on the bed??

I think everything is ok with her. I mean, after she throws up she seems fine, and is eating and pooping as usual. I'm keeping an eye on her. I'm not sure what the problem is though.

This may be a little TMI, but she has puked up unchewed pieces of potato each time. Maybe that's the issue? I don't know! Any advice/thoughts?

I just feel so bad for her, because she gets so upset after it happens and tries to cover it up. Poor thing. I hope her tummy feels better soon.


  1. As long as she's pooping and eating normally I wouldn't worry about it :) I'd avoid potatoes and see if that helps! Also, they say a little snack before bedtime will settle their stomachs... just not a potato snack I guess, lol ;)

  2. Thanks, Kelly! I figured if she was acting normally otherwise, she should be ok...What kind of snack? Just a treat? I am sure she will be excited to get a treat before bedtime haha.

  3. Awww, poor little girl. I totally agree with Kelly though, no potatoes and a bedtime snack. It can be anything really, you just need to fill her tummy. Dogs puke when they are hungry, usually the hunger puke is a bit foamy as the stomach bile is brewing from hunger in there. So try either giving her dinner later in the evening, or a nice yummy snack close to bed time so she isn't overly hungry before breakfast in the morning.

  4. I second, third, and fourth the above commenters! The couple of times Amy has prefaced her breakfast by throwing up on an empty stomach, I realize it was times when I either fed her dinner too early the night before, or slept a little bit late in the morning, and her breakfast was a little late. I actually ended up upping the amount of her kibble at dinner anyway, since she was getting a bit skinny (you're too skinny! eat, eat!), and she hasn't had the problem since!

  5. Thanks, everyone! I will take your suggestions and see how she is doing in a few days. Hopefully this will stop! It definitely may be the empty tummy thing (well empty except undigested potatoes apparently lol), because she has been pooping right before we go to bed, so she's prob extra empty then!

  6. AW! puppers! I hope everything is ok. And I have been following your post. I LOVED all the snow pictures you took!

  7. hm, Bails does the same thing...She pukes random nights in the middle of the night...After that she goes right back to bed and in the morning she is completely fine...

    I wonder if Bailey pukes because she is hungry cause usually its quite foamy and no real food comes out...sorry for the She eats dinner really early, so maybe we need to change that...even though she hasn't puked in a really long time...

  8. bailey puked twice yesterday morning just out of the blue. foamy and green.... ish. yea errr and! they also seem to love to puke on absorbent material (carpet).. argh

    well i hope whatever it is, it passes and sadie is back to normal? could she have eaten any of that salted snow?!?! or... maybe she has had a new treat or have you just opened a new bag of food??

  9. Katie, thanks! She is feeling better :) Glad you liked the pics!

    Bailey and Cali, poor pups! It's so sad to see them sick :( Sadie seems to be doing better now though!

    Karen and Bailey, poor thing! Hope Bailey is doing better. Sadie is better now, so that's good! No puking since I posted this! It may have been a new wet food she had...who knows?!

  10. I have heard that potatoes are not the greatest thing for dogs to eat. That was from a woman I'm working with from a pet food company.

    I hope she feels better soon!

    Nubbin wiggles,
    Oskar & Pam

  11. Oskar, we'll be keeping the potatoes away from her from now on!!


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