Monday, February 28, 2011

Princess Sadie

The other day, Karen from Bailey the Corgi told me that Sadie's name means "Princess." How fitting is that? She is certainly a princess and acts like royalty!!! The past few days, I have found her sleeping in some interesting positions.

Her new favorite thing is to sleep on top of any pillow that is just lying around. She tends to think they are placed there for her. She looks pretty royal, doesn't she?

Here she is on a different couch pillow (sorry for the quality; these are from my phone):

I have been trying to get pictures of her on all the different couches, because she moves from one to the next throughout the day haha.

Then, the other day I came out to find her laying like this on the couch...Take a look at her back legs:

How is that comfortable?? Oh Sadie, you are my silly little girl.

Oh, and I haven't forgotten about the surprise. We are going to have a giveaway here soon! I just have to organize some things first :)


  1. Cute! Gibson has *HIS* chair and if we sit in *HIS* chair he growls at us haha :)

  2. I thought dat's what pillows are for anyways. You means to tell me dat dey are for sometin' else? OMD

  3. Cute pictures! We all here love pillows...keep enjoying those pillows, your are a princess! Hugs and nose kisses

  4. Ahaha, what are you talking about, that look like the most comfortable position ever :D

  5. We doggies take sleeping very seriously! We're professionals!
    Can't wait to hear more about the giveaway! We're having a giveaway for FlaxyPet products right now on our blog. Giveaways are so much fun, right? Mama says she's addicted to HAVING them because we get to send cool stuff to our friends!

  6. Aww, she looks like a perfect Princess!
    Love the pictures - she's adorable :)

    Giveaways are so fun, can't wait to hear more!


  7. they do seem to find the most interesting places to make themselves comfortable, love the ones of Sadie on the pillow. Certainly indeed a beautiful princess!! Giveaways are so much fun; looking forward to yours!


  8. Sleeping is very serious business! Sadie doesn't mess around haha. Giveaway news to come soon. I've been so busy! Glad you all liked the pics :)

  9. look how cute and princess-like! her front legs are crossed in the last two pics. :)

  10. Sadie IS a princess!

    Also I wanted to let you know about the Stylish Blogger Award. I recently received it and part of the process is passing the award on to other blogs. I placed your blog on my list. Come check out the post at

  11. What a princess! Peanut usually just does the "Flying Squirrel Position" over pillows.b :)

  12. If I would let Miss Dottie up on the sofa, she would be just like Sadie. Instead, she has her own hooked rug and a soft fluffy bed to enjoy.

    Of course, right now she is asleep under the computer chair so I dare not wiggle. A queen needs her afternoon sleep.

    Trisha and Miss Dottie

  13. That is exactly how Pazzo sleeps on the couch, right on the pillow, then drools on it and ruins it! hahaha


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