Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A Lesson in "Read the Fine Print"

The other day, I was scrolling through my Facebook feed, when I saw this:

I immediately stopped because clearly I knew that face! I was very confused...I follow the ASPCA on Facebook, but why was Sadie's face being used?? I clicked on the link, which brought me to this page:

Well there she is again!!! At this point, I was a bit freaked out. Then I clicked on the main page...

Holy crap!!! I linked to the original post on Facebook, saying I was confused as to why Sadie was on the page, but it was also pretty cool that she was all over their site. Some friends replied, mentioning it was probably because I entered her picture in a contest...And sure enough, when I went back to look at the "fine print" on that contest, it said:

"By submitting your text/photo in this contest, you give the ASPCA an irrevocable, perpetual royalty-free right to use your name/text/photo for any purposes to promote the ASPCA’s mission of providing effective means for the prevention of cruelty to animals throughout the United States."

Well then...I guess I should have read that. It's possible I DID read that, but didn't think much of it. After I figured this all out, I became less freaked out by it all and more flattered that they actually selected my picture, and that Sadie was used because she looked happy! If my baby's face can help raise money for animals in need, then I'm certainly ok with this. But I need to be sure to read all the fine print before entering her in contests!!! Haha. My little girl is famous!!!! :)

 (These links are all still active, by the way, so you can still see Sadie in all her glory lol.)


  1. Wow...that happened to us too. We saw an ad for 1-800-PetMeds and there was our Chinese Crested, April, looking back at us from their ad! Freaky!

  2. omg! sadie's famous! thats awesome. priceless! who cares if theres no royalty unless they start making stuffed animals, t shirts and whatnot :) congrats on the fame!


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