Monday, August 8, 2011

Rise and Shine, Mama!!!!

When I first adopted Sadie, she did not understand what sleeping in meant. This was a problem for someone like me, who is not a morning person AT ALL. She used to wake me up, without fail, at 5 am every morning. Fun times, let me tell you. I'd go back to sleep, but it was never enjoyable to walk downstairs at 5 am half asleep to pick up her poop -- especially not during Boston winters!

One Christmas, Sadie and I flew down to Florida and stayed with my Grandma and mom for the holiday. This was Sadie's first official vacation! And boy did she know it! She slept in. She didn't wake up until I woke up. She somehow knew it wasn't a normal day haha. I hoped this would continue when we got home...and it did!! And if she woke up earlier, I would tell her it was too early. Then she would sigh and go back to sleep! Silly girl.

This past year, Sadie got a little chubby, and slept in even later. (Her weight loss will be featured in an upcoming post!) But all of a sudden, she has had enough of sleeping late again! Ughhhh. I think she is waking up earlier because she lost weight and has more energy (and is probably hungry in the morning). But now she is beyond aggressive about getting me up lol.

The second I roll over to see what time it is in the morning, Sadie bounces up. I try to do this time check subtlety without her seeing my eyes open, but that dog just KNOWS it's happening. And no matter what time it is, it's all over for me...First she puts her entire body, nose first, under my pillow to push my head up. When that doesn't work, she barks in my ear a few times for good measure. She also jumps over my body (and on top of it) a few times...But when all else fails, she pulls my comforter off of me! She grabs the corner in her mouth and pulls. Punk!!! She knows I have to take that comforter off to get out of bed!

You know, sometimes having a smart dog is not that fun haha.

Does your pup wake you up or let you sleep in???

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  1. Hahaha, I love the labels on this post. Dexter lets us sleep in, but Violet is still crate training and she wakes up at about 530 or 6 every morning to go potty.

  2. OMG hahaha, I do the same thing every morning w/Gibson. I know he is up, but he's being polite and waiting for me to wake up.. If I make the slightest movement too check my phone to see the time, he pops up like a pop tart! I try to avoid going to the bathroom or adjusting positions in the middle of the night so he doesn't think it's time to wake up lol. Ridiculous :)

  3. My dog, Hercules, wakes up promptly at 4:15 EVER single morning. Not just during the work week...Saturday and Sunday. I get up and walk him, but he sure does not let me go back to sleep! He will drown me in his slobbery kisses if I am not up and at em right when he gets up...then starts the barking. Needless to say I am up at 4:20 the latest every day =)

  4. Did Max and Pazzo ever wake you up? Ha, I think in Cambridge they were early risers...

  5. Maybe it's time to take another va-k-shun!


    PeeS.....Me lets Mom sleep's Mom who always wakes ME up!

  6. Paige, I knew you'd appreciate the tags hahha.

    Kelly, seriously, Gibson and Sadie are the same dog; I'm convinced! Haha.

    Vanna, ouch!! That is earlyyyy, esp on the weekends :(

    Natasha, no, I don't think so, cause my door was always shut haha.

    Amber, yes, another vacation is definitely in order!!!


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