Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Who wants to win a prize?????

Like I promised, we have a giveaway!!!! The lovely people at Cesar contacted me and offered me some samples, so I happily accepted. Sadie was very excited when we received not one, but two packages, in the mail! And when I took out all the goodies, she was even more thrilled :)

We have been enjoying our samples, and now we want to let one lucky reader enjoy some as well! So what exactly will you be receiving???? Take a look!

Sadie inspected the goods to make sure you were receiving top quality products!
This is the goodie bag you'll receive!
And here's all that's inside...Two bags of treats, 7 types of "Canine Cuisine," and an awesome shirt that says "Small Dog, Big Love." (Our shirt says, "Go Small or Go Home" and I've worn it several times already!!)
"Wait, Mom, I need to smell this one more time to make sure it's ok..."
"What? This isn't for me????"
"Not cool, Mom."
Close up of the treat bag, which offers three different flavored treats. You'll receive two bags of the Softies Medley. Sadie approves of all three flavors.
She wasn't too thrilled about sitting here waiting for me to take this picture before she could inhale these treats though! Haha.

Sadie has been eating the Canine Cuisine every night mixed into her dry food, and she loves it! I just wish there was an easier way to save them, since she doesn't eat it all in one shot. We've just been putting them in tupperwares. Sadie likes all the flavors though! Not that she is very picky when it comes to food...but still :) We are happy to have been contacted about this, and we are even happier to share the love with one of you! You'll get a special surprise from us as well in the package :)

All you have to do is comment on this entry by next Monday, August 15, to be entered to win. A winner will be chosen using, and your goodies will be on their way to you ASAP! Leave your email address in your comment, so I know how to contact you if you win! Good luck!!! :)


  1. Yeah Pazzo wants the dog food, thanks. Hahah

  2. Gibson loves those softie treats! Sign me up :)

  3. Sadie is so precious.

  4. Momo & Brie say they promise they'll share if they win! :)

  5. That sure is a terrific box of goodies there.


  6. that is a cool box of goodies to get and if they have Sadie's seal of approval, I'm sure Koda will like them too!! sign us up (

    (love your tattoo!!)


  7. we love giveaways! and surprises in the mail! :) Here's our entry. Have you tried the shirt on sadie? :)

  8. That's totally neat. It makes me wonder how well the shirt fits the corgi body. How does Sadie's shirt look on her?

  9. The shirt is for humans, not the dog! Sorry if I wasn't clear :)


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