Thursday, December 10, 2009

Fashion Forward

You may have noticed that I make Sadie wear clothes sometimes. I know, I'm horrible! I used to say I would never do that if I had a dog, but sometimes I see these things in the store and just can't resist. I have a feeling Sadie wishes I would resist the urge. Most of the clothing she has doesn't last more than one photo. Trust me, I don't want to torture her, so if she is really unhappy, the clothing comes off. And never goes back on again. The only items she wears multiple times is her raincoat and her winter jacket. I mean, these are just practical. Right? Haha.

This post continues yesterday's Wordless Wednesday post. I bought that reindeer costume so I could get a cute picture for our Christmas cards. But Sadie just looks so sad in the picture, I opted for something else. (I will share our card with you all once I receive them.)

Here are some other pictures of Sadie dressed as a human...(My personal favorite is the one in the sweater, where she is hanging her head in shame haha.)


  1. she's got quite an assortment of outfits! my favorite one is the third one down


  2. Hahaha yes she does. I hope she doesn't hate me too much for this post, and for dressing her up sometimes!

  3. She's got more clothes than my Freya does! Sadie seems far more tolerant however than Freya does. I'm seriously considering rain coats for my dogs--well the chug and the Weim, they both hate the rain. Freya doesn't care so much.

  4. Hahaha I think Sadie is just used to it by now, but she doesn't really like it. She tries to attack the clothing usually lol. The rain coat and winter coat are the only ones that don't bother her. However, even with a rain coat on, she generally refuses to go outside if it's raining!

  5. You are right! The one with her hanging her head is just adorable! She DOES have a lot of outfits. Ours just have a few warm sweaters. Dott and BG, being only part corgi don't have as heavy of a natural coat with that undercoat, so they DO get pretty cold when the temps go below 40 degrees. BG, especially as he has that short Chihuahua coat!

    I cover OC's back and hips at night with a blanket if it is really cold, too.

  6. Hahaha yeah that's still my favorite. It cracks me up.


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