Monday, December 21, 2009

Snow, Snow, Everywhere!

Well, we got A LOT of snow this weekend...something like 20-23 inches! Sadie was very excited. We went out when it started snowing, and she ran around licking the ground with glee. Then when we woke up on Sunday, the snow was everywhere. Sadie ran outside and immediately fell into the snow and was covered haha. but she popped right back out and bounced around the yard. She had a lot of fun, as you can see from the pics! Other than playing in the snow, we did a lot of baking and sitting by the fire. We also put lights on our tree and made a very ugly gingerbread house (which has already fallen apart haha). (Sorry if picture quality is bad -- took these on my phone.) Hope everyone had a good weekend!


  1. looks like sadie has as much fun as sammy! he just bull dozes right through the tallest drifts!

  2. Sadie loves it!! She just jumps right through all the snow. It's too cute. Those little corgi legs are pretty powerful, huh?? :)

  3. Your fire looks sooooo cozy!! And it's so cool that Sadie likes the snow-- Finn doesn't mind the rain, but I love the idea of dogs in the snow... it seems so festive and all. Do you think she'd ride on a sled?? hehe

  4. It was cozy!! We built another one last night. So nice.

    Sadie HATESSS the rain. But the snow? She loves it. She is so happy when it snows! She just hates when it gets too icy and cold. It hurts her little paws!!

    She might ride on a sled if she was on my lap...but she might jump off as it was moving haha.

  5. oh my gosh you did get a lot of snow!! Sadie was sooo cute in the pictures with her and the snow! they always seem to enjoy it so much!

    love the cookies and the tree; the house doesn't look that bad; it looks pretty darn cute in fact!

    Merry Christmas!


  6. Oh yes, we got a ton!! It's everywhere. Poor Sadie has nowhere to go to the bathroom now because it's all so high!!!

    Hahaha thanks about the gingerbread house. It was a mess to make haha.

  7. The perfect Christmas time pictures... Dog in snow having a blast and then a nice fire with cookies, and I LOVE the smell of gingerbread. I think the house came out great!

  8. Yes, it was a very good weekend! I wish I had more days like that...


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