Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Food Monster

Sadie loves food. (What dog doesn't, right?) She isn't a beggar, though, which is good. Basically, she just sits at your feet and stares at you while you eat. Well, that's better than barking, right? I've gotten used to it, and kind of find it a little endearing. I mean, I can't resist her adorable face. And she knows this. She also has learned that my uncle (who we are staying with) can't resist her cuteness either. He often gives her whatever he is eating. So she has been following him around the kitchen more than me these days.

Here are some pictures of Sadie looking up at my uncle. So cute, right? And one of her and one of the cats we are staying with BOTH staring at my uncle as he eats haha. Then a few of her going to town on a bone haha. (And one of us from Thanksgiving.) Wait until you see the pictures I'm planning on using for our holiday cards! :)


  1. So cute! Gibson does the same thing when I'm eating or cooking :)

  2. Aaw. I wish that Freya wouldn't beg...it's cute but kind of embarrassing at the same time. She doesn't get too much in the way of scraps though.

  3. Sadie gets more than she should! I can't resist the cuteness.

  4. Sadie and the cat look so intent! its like they are pleading with their eyes "feed me, feed me"

    loved the picture of you and Sadie together; can't wait to see your holiday one if you share it :)


  5. Nothing could distract them from that food!!

    Thanks :) I will definitely share my holiday photo once I get it ready. It's in the works now!


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