Thursday, December 3, 2009

Jumping for Joy

Have you noticed that I like alliteration in my subject lines? I'm such an English major/writer/editor...

This subject line is related to two things:

1. Sadie won a contest! YAY!!! Thanks to Dozer, Coop, Dottie, and Nancy over at Our Life: Dozer and Coop!! There was a contest in honor of their 400th (way to go!) post, and Miss Sadie was the lucky winner. We look forward to our prize! Sadie LOVES opening packages that are for her. I will be sure to take pictures, and maybe a video! :) Thank you! (We never win anything haha.)

2. Sadie is quite the jumper. I have wondered for awhile if this is a corgi thing, or if it's more true of her other possible breed(s). And when I say she is a jumper, I mean she JUMPS. High. It looks like she is on a mini trampoline. She can jump up to about my chest. I'm about 5'4....and she has short corgi legs!!! How does she jump so high? She does the most jumping when I come home from work. It's just too funny because she just springs straight up from the ground. Maybe the short legs help?? I need to get this on video, so you can all see it. Whenever someone meets her for the first time, and they see her do this, they are shocked and amazed. Do your corgis jump high?

Here's a funny story about how I discovered her jumping talent. When I first adopted her and had to go to work, I put her in the bathroom with a baby gate up in the doorway. I wasn't sure how trained she was at the time, so I figured this was the safest bet. Keep in mind that when I got Sadie, she was smaller than she is now. Not by a lot, but she was definitely smaller. So I leave her and go to work and miss her all day. I get home and look into the bathroom. The baby gate is still intact...but there is no Sadie in the bathroom! Then I see her. Laying on the couch!!!! She jumped over the baby gate, without even knocking it over, and chilled on the couch all day. What a stinker! And after that day, the baby gate went in the closet and was never used again.


  1. WOW! Sadie we are so happy you are happy. We understand about alliteration, our Mum is crazy over it and just embarresses us with her use. We'll get your package organized this weekend and send it to you on Monday with fun stuff for you and some "Oregon" stuff for your Mum. If the box arrives with air holes, it means that Cooper is inside and you HAVE to keep him. Promise? Thanks!

    Love, Dozer

  2. congrats for winning the contest! Koda doesn't jump like that. He sometimes jumps up on people but not high. WTG Sadie!!


  3. Congrats on winning! Freya isn't much of a jumper. But she will stretch out and stand as tall as possible to get food. I didn't realize how tall she got until Thanksgiving and she was trying her best to sneak some food off the table. That means she is almost as tall as my cat (who still lives with mom) he can stretch out and look over the table. Freya uses her foot long tongue to help her out.

  4. Dozer, we are SUPER happy!! Can't wait for the goodies. We will post pics. Thank you again! :) And we know you love Cooper and would miss him if you sent him away!!!!

    Thanks, Betty! We never win anything, so we're certainly excited. I definitely need to video Sadie jumping. People don't believe she can jump as high as she does haha.

    Freya looks pretty long/tall! I'm not surprised she does that haha. Poor Sadie is still pretty short even when she stands up tall...I guess that's where the jumping comes in handy!

  5. Hi Laurie!

    Momo is a VERY high jumper as well! Unfortunately that exuberance sometimes gets him into trouble (e.g. corgi nose into someone's eye). Unlike your Sadie, however, he has an alternative way to get out from his baby gate instead of jumping...

    Anyway, adorable girl you have there :)

  6. Ohh good to know other corgis jump like Sadie does! I read about Momo's gate escape!! That is crazy haha. Much more impressive than just jumping over the gate. He is very resourceful :)

    Thanks for stopping by! Your Momo is adorable, too!

  7. Congrats on the win! We love Dozer's blog too! Dott is a really good jumper and we often think that she has wings that she hides somewhere. It is totally amazing the heights and distances she can jump!

  8. Thanks :)

    The jumping thing is too funny! I really need to video tape it one of these days.


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