Thursday, February 18, 2010

Jealousy and Other Matters

Sorry I have been MIA around here. I have been dog/cat/bird/house-sitting for my aunt this past week, and things have been kind of crazy at work, too. The picture I posted yesterday is of Sadie and the dog we’re watching, Harlie, laying on the couch together. They aren’t overly fond of each other, which is why they are on complete opposite ends of the couch haha. It’s not that they dislike each other, it’s just that Sadie is a brat and doesn’t want me paying attention to other dogs. She gave me quite the look when I told Harlie she could share her couch haha. And it’s not even HER couch to begin with. Brat. All in all, the dogs basically just co-exist. Although with both of their names ending in “-ie”, it is rather difficult trying to talk to one without the other one coming over instead. So it has been an interesting week. And I am more convinced than ever that Sadie would never let me get another dog. She is VERY protective of me. And while I don’t think she’d ever attack another dog, she certainly stands her ground and has no problem being Alpha Dog.

Oh, I also wanted to ask about something Sadie seems to always do…Ever since I got her, she would try to “hide” her food, whether it be her actual food or just a bone (if she doesn’t automatically inhale it). She even tries to hide other things as well…my things. I used to put a towel under her food and water. I learned quickly that was a bad idea, as she used the towel to hide the bowls, which meant food and water everywhere haha. The funny thing is, even if there isn’t a towel, blanket, rug, or something to cover the food, she still does the burying gesture with her nose. Like she is covering it with a cloak of invisibility or something hahaha. Silly dog. Do your dogs do this too?

I guess this is better than the dog I had growing up, who would hide her milkbones in the cat’s litter box. Seriously. She’d come back with a white nose, proud of herself and thinking we didn’t know where she hid her treat. Oh, she also dug a hole in the carpet to hide something once. Another fun day!


  1. Gibson doesn't hide things, he inhales/destroys them. I call him "Gibson the Destroyer" :)

  2. Hahaha Sadie used to do this when I first got her. She would rip up my magazines, destroyed a few shoes, ripped up my checkbook, and ate some chapstick and gum. I am happy to say this has stopped. Although she does go into the bathroom garbage and pull stuff out and shred it sometimes.

  3. Sammy will only hide a bone of his when I tease him that I want it. Sometimes I pretend to eat it where my face is sideways and it gets hidden by my cheek. He flips out! He has only one hiding place behind the chair & couch, we call it his clubhouse. Sammy is very careful when he hides it, then runs out as to say "haha. get it now!" with his head as high as he can get. Usually he lies down in the middle of the room and stares at me to see if I will go get it. But then it gets the best of him and he runs right back and brings it back out. Everytime he does this I tell him he is lucky he is an only dog! He one time got a bone stuck it the corner of the carpet, so now we are missing an inch and a half of carpet along the sliding glass door from where he pulled it up. Apparently it wore him out because that day I still found the bone under the carpet in a little bubble.
    It's so funny to see all the different personalities!

  4. funny about the picture because the way I interpretted it after viewing it was that Sadie and the other dog were the best of friends sharing a couch; how funny that was not the case

    Koda doesn't hide/bury things. Every once in a long while he will get a particular chew toy/bone that he is extra protective about and did try to buy one of them a long time ago, but the majority of time he is like Gibson; he gobbles everything give to him ever so quickly


  5. Oh my word, I'm still finding Caleb's silly biscuit in random locations! He only does it with crunchy biscuits, not his bully sticks, or rawhides, or regular soft chewy treats. Crazy dog.

  6. Hahaha too funny to hear about everyone's dog and their different personalities. It's so cute how they all have their own unique personalities. Since I don't know Sadie's history, I have no clue what it used to be like for her with food. Maybe she HAD to hide it.


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