Monday, February 22, 2010

Sadie the Photobomber

I've discovered that Sadie likes to photobomb all the pictures I take of other animals. I posted on where she jumped in front of the cats. And here's one where she jumped in front of Harlie. Too funny. Also posting some other pictures I took last week. Enjoy! I love my new camera!


  1. great pictures! looks like you have a big backyard for all the critters :)

    too funny about Sadie wanting to be the center of attention in all the pictures :)


  2. haha! I am always pushing Gibson out of the way while taking photos. It's like he assumes if the camera is out, he is supposed to be in front of it :)

    Love the photos!! :)

  3. Thanks, Betty! That was the house I was staying at, but they do have a huge backyard! So it was nice for Sadie to get to run around for a bit. Until she stopped listening to me and ran under the fence. Not fun!

    Kelly, thanks! Hahaha so funny they do that! It's funny though, because when I do take pics of her, she gets annoyed...but the second I put my attention on someone else she's like HELLOOOO!

  4. Haha, Sadie's so cute. The first picture is hilarious; the golden is giving her the eye while Sadie is basking in all the camera glory.
    Great pictures!

  5. Hehe thanks! She is too funny. That first picture cracks me up every time.


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