Monday, February 8, 2010

Love Is...

To me, love is...

Corgi ears.

Corgi paws.

A corgi nose.

To me, love is owning a dog, a lifelong companion. There will never be a human that will love me as unconditionally as Sadie loves me. She doesn't care if I'm skinny or fat, pretty or ugly. She doesn't care what I wear, or how my hair looks. I can leave for 5 seconds or 5 hours, and be greeted with the same excitement and passion. I've never had great luck with relationships. "Love" to me was heartache, tears, pain. That's all I ever saw growing up. I was never someone that needed to be with someone. I'm fine being alone. I never really felt like I could truly love someone, without being scared they would ultimately break my heart. I usually ended relationships before that could ever happen. Then Sadie came into my life. She showed me what love really is. I'm not sure if I will love someone else the way I love her. But I think maybe now it's possible. I would do anything for her. She is my best friend. And she is the definition of love for me.

I found this through Betty's blog and although I strongly dislike Valentine's Day (it's a made up holiday!), I wanted to do this. Because it doesn't have to do with Valentine's Day in my opinion. If you'd like to participate as well, go HERE.


  1. Hi glad you joined in on the challenge. You're right, it really wasn't a challenge about Valentine's Day, but for love and what it means. I have a Yorkie and I feel the exact same way about him, although I am married. I never owned a dog until Simon, only cats, and wow what a difference. They are the ultimate when it comes to giving love! :-)

  2. Rescuing a corgi really does teach you about love.

  3. Dogs are the best, aren't they? I don't know what I'd do without my Sadie! Thanks for the prompt! :)

  4. Lesley, so true, right? Rescuing any type of animal really shows you what love is...I'm a big supporter of rescuing animals. That's what I've always done. They're just so very grateful to be loved. And I am grateful to have her love in return.

  5. So sweet :) Although, I hope you do find someone who will love you as much as Sadie does someday! :)

  6. Thanks, Kelly. Me day. :)

  7. such a cute description of love, Laurie; and Sadie definitely loves you and you her :)

    this was fun to do, to define love, wasn't it??

    I agree about Valentine's Day; another way for the merchants to get more of our money; love expressed on Valentine's Day should be expressed year round

    hoping you do find someone to love one day :)


  8. awe...sadie's so purty.. dogs are great, i have a black lab!

  9. Thanks, Betty :)

    And thanks, Lynn, too! Dogs are the best, aren't they??

  10. Stopping by from Elemental My Dear. So glad you joined in on the Love Is Challenge. This is a lovely post.

    Thanks for sharing.


  11. This is very touching I love your Post!
    Cheers to an amazing Animal friend!

    stopping by from e l e m en t a l
    c h a l l e n g e

  12. Thanks :) I'm glad you enjoyed my post!


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