Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Attention Whore

Sadie is a typical only child. (I should know...I’m an only child, too!) I never wanted siblings growing up, and I’m pretty sure Sadie doesn’t want any either. I think about one day getting another dog, to keep her company. But honestly, I don’t think she would have any part of it. See, my Sadie is quite the attention whore. And it’s not just me that she wants attention from...it’s anyone within a 10 mile radius! Case in point, we go to the dog park...where is Sadie? Playing with other dogs? No! She’s sniffing all the humans and shaking her little butt, trying to look cute (doesn’t take much!) so they will pet her. Oh, and they pet her. She’s got the cuteness drill down. She knows exactly what to do, and it always seems to work. She would do this to strangers on the street when we lived in Boston. She has no shame. Oh, and god forbid they stop petting her! This is a big no-no in Sadie’s book, and she lets you know...by nudging your hand incessantly until you start petting her again! Do your dogs do this? She’s pretty forceful, too! When we’re at home, she’s even worse, because she knows my aunt, uncle, and I will pet her. She generally goes from one person to the next, getting her fill of love and belly rubs. It’s pretty cute, really.

And if she’s not getting attention? She lets us all know! If I come home and do something other than pay 100% attention to her (say, I talk to my aunt or uncle), Sadie starts howling. She’s like, “Excuseeeeee me! Remember me down here???” Better yet...if I’m on the phone or watching TV and not paying attention to her, her new trick is to find her squeaky ball and squeak it incessantly. Can we say spoiled??? It’s rather amusing, and people I talk to on the phone have gotten used to it now and just think it’s Sadie’s way of saying hello. Little do they know that it’s really her way of saying, “Mommmmmmmmmm!!!! Get off the phone and play with me!!!”

She’s lucky she’s so darn cute.


  1. haha Gibson and Sadie were separated at birth, I swear! :)

  2. Hahaha I love that he does the same silly things!!!

  3. Ein is like that too haha, they just thrive on love and attention...and more love and attention :) But Brian is less in-your-face hehe.

  4. I think Gibson and Sadie and Koda were triplets separated at birth, LOL, because Sadie's antics fit Koda to a "T". The only thing is we don't go to dog parks since he's so antisocial, but any person we meet on our walks is fair game to get attention and he's awful when I stop at garage sales. And he too yelps and lets you know if you aren't giving him his mandatory amount of attention. Gotta love them though :)


  5. Hahahaa it must be a corgi thing then!! They just love attention, don't they??

  6. Laurie,
    Chelsea does the same...nudging, barking if you don't bend down to pet her...and the above post on the licking...yes. Because she can do no wrong though, she gets away with murder! :-)

  7. Hahaha oh yes, Sadie gets away with Murder too. She knows how to milk it for all it's worth. She just gives me the sad puppy dog eyes, and she can do just about anything lol.


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