Monday, March 8, 2010

Spring Has Sprung!

Even though Sadie loves the snow, she also loves the sun. So when the sun finally decided to come out this weekend, we took full advantage of it! On Saturday, we went to the dog park. It was too funny though, because I told Sadie we would go, and she wouldn’t stop crying until we left. She is too smart sometimes! We got there, and it was packed!! Everyone else clearly had the same idea as we did. Unfortunately a lot of the small dog section was filled with mud. And even more unfortunately, Sadie ALWAYS has to go in the puddles. She’s a brat about it, too. She will look right at me as she does it. It’s like she’s trying to say, “HAHA what are you gonna do???” So that was fun. I kept her away from them as much as possible, but she got a bit messy. Being so close to the ground doesn’t help haha. She chased some dogs and ran around and was completely exhausted when I got home, which was good because I went out to dinner with a friend. We were going to see Alice in Wonderland, but it was all sold out :( Maybe next weekend.

Then, on Sunday, Sadie was being very annoying. She was whining and crying, and I didn’t know what the problem was...well, turns out she just wanted to be outside. I’m pretty sure she assumed we were going to the dog park. Nice weather = dog park. Right, momma? I didn’t want to go back to the muddy park, so instead, I sat on the front steps and read a book while Sadie basked in the sun on the grass. Apparently that was all she wanted, because she stopped whining immediately and just watched everything going on around her. We have a glass door in front of our front door, so we sometimes leave the door open so she can look through the window...but that just wasn’t cutting it yesterday. She needed to be out there!

We had a routine in Boston when the weather was nice on the weekends. We’d either walk to the dog park with our neighbors, or we’d go on a long walk around the neighborhood. We had a park nearby (not a dog park), and Sadie always enjoyed saying hello to everyone. On the hot days over the summer, Sadie would usually get too hot and lay down on the ground and refuse to walk more. That was always fun haha. Luckily, I discovered these small fountains at a nearby museum, and stopping there became part of our walk. Sadie loved walking through them to cool off! No one ever yelled at us, so we kept doing it haha.

Pictures are of Sadie enjoying the nice weather, exhausted from the dog park, and walking through the fountain!


  1. Awww cute! This is Toby's first spring and he's already going nuts chasing all the robins flying about LOL :)

  2. so glad you guys had a chance to get out and enjoy some pleasant weather. too funny Sadie enjoys the mud, just like a little kid :)


  3. Cute how she likes puddles, Ein would avoid them haha.

  4. Thanks! :)

    I wish Sadie would avoid the puddles!!! She's a brat haha.


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