Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Photography Suggestions

So, as you all know, I have been playing with a new DSLR camera...but I don't know WHAT to take pictures of right now. Clearly Sadie is my number one model, but I want to get more experience with the camera and take some awesome pictures. I'm just not sure where to start...Maybe when the weather gets nicer (which it is starting to, yay!), I will be able to explore more and take some more scenic photos. Anyway, wondering if you have any suggestions?? I know some of you also have DSLRs and like to take photos, so I'd love to hear your thoughts.

I do plan on going into Manhattan one of these days and taking photos there...that will be fun! Thanks for the help! :)


  1. Take pictures of anything you'd like; flowers, your neighborhood, food, stuff at the park? Thank goodness digital is free ^_^

  2. I've never been to New York so any sites from the area would be awesome to see


  3. I do silver smithing and tinker with watches and find that my skills and familiarity of the camera's functions (Nikon D50) really increased as I tried to take good pics of these usually pretty small objects. I started without any kind of light box, so often I would take them out to the yard and use various natural backdrops. Don't know how that might apply to you, but figured I'd throw it out there.

    Might also look around and see if there's anything around the house you had been meaning on listing on ebay or the like. Perfect opportunity to brush up on your skills and end up with pics you can use in the auctions.

  4. Thanks for the suggestions! I'm guessing now that the weather is nicer, I will have more time outside to find scenery to photograph. I will be sure to update everyone! I may even start a photography blog to keep it separate...We'll see. I will definitely get to NYC at some point though to take pictures!

  5. Don't think too much about subject matter, just start shooting ~ you will be surprised when you see them on your monitor!! Just have fun!! :-)

  6. I will try!!! :) Just need to find the time now...


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