Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Corgi Art!

As I mentioned yesterday, I received lots of fun packages over the weekend.

During the Paws It Forward excitement on the blogs these past few weeks, I saw that Kelly at Corgi Butts and Karen at Butterball the Nutball received amazing corgi paintings from their Paws It Forward sender, Katie at All That Jazz. I immediately contacted Katie asking if I could purchase one of these paintings from her, because I loved it so much!! She agreed, and I received my painting over the weekend. I absolutely LOVE it. Don't you?

It is so fun and bright (which I love)! I'm a big fan of silhouette paintings, so this is perfect for me. I think Sadie likes it, too.

"For me?"

After seeing this, I am sure you will want one as well! And you're in luck :) Katie will paint one for you, too!! Check out this post on Katie's blog for more details about how you can purchase one of your own corgi silhouette paintings! No two paintings are the same, so you will get your own one-of-a-kind piece to treasure for many years to come.

The other package I received contained the printed, matted, and framed version of the illustration of Sadie that Kelly at Corgi Butts did for me. (You can see my post about that here.) I highly recommend purchasing one of these prints after you get an illustration done of your pet, because it is gorgeous! It's such a great keepsake. Sadie also approves of this piece of art :)


  1. Yay! Both look great! (if I do say so myself..) Sadie looks like she's saying, "Oh, come on. You know the real thing is cuter!" :)

  2. YAY!! I love the post you did it is amazing and I want to buy one of my own paintings. :-)
    Kelly did an awesome job, as always!!

  3. Kelly, hahaha thanks! Sadie is totally saying that. I have another picture of here where she definitely has a look on her face like she's saying just that.

    Katie, yayyy! Glad you like it! Hope you get more purchases!! :)

  4. the problem i have is choosing a picture. i get a slight headache just thinking about it. theres way too many pictures to choose from. lol

  5. love the corgi silhouette picture and Sadie's self portrait; Katie and Kelly are sooo very talented and do wonderful work!! I'm sure you will enjoy these two pieces of art for a very long time!


  6. i love your art stuff! we are getting ready to move and i want to make our second bedroom all decorated in corgi stuff!! im still debating it all with erik. we shall see!
    i saw sadie on cafepress the other day when i bought a new shirt from kellys stuff and i got soo excited! i was like...."i know that doggie, kinda!! it's sadie!!!"
    i keep putting an illustration on my birthday, and christmas lists, but it never comes true. i might just do it myself!! haha!!

  7. Karen, yes it took me awhile to pick one picture!! I have too many I love :)

    Betty, they are so talented! I love these pieces and they're already hanging up!

    Bri, you should totally do that!! It would be so fun :) Awww about seeing Sadie on CafePress! That's too funny haha. I hope you can get an illustration soon! I love it.

  8. awwwwwww those are SO CUTE!! I didn't even know that Kelly did big prints-- that is so fabulous! and the silhouette is very pop art, it's awesome! are you going to hang them together? you could start a whole corgi wall!! :)


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