Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Paws It Forward

Sadie and I received three very special packages this weekend!! We will discuss two very exciting corgi art pieces tomorrow, so be sure to check back then. But first thing's first: Paws It Forward! I finally managed to comment in time on a Paws It Forward post over at Butterball the Nutball's blog (now home to Butterball AND Benny). I was very excited to participate in this fun idea.

For any of you that aren't familar with it, the basic idea is that each person that receives a Paws It Forward package will send out two more packages, and each of those people will send two packages, and so on and so forth.

Sadie was VERY excited when we received our package from Karen, Butterball, and Benny:

 "Mama!!! OPEN IT!!!!"

 "OMG LOOK!!!"

 "This is all for ME??"

Just take a look at all the goodies she got! 
 Sadie loves these! Her two favorite flavors, together: Peanut Butter and Banana!

 Hahaha this rubber chicken is too funny!

 Sadie kept poking it with her nose lol.

 Sadie was IN LOVE with this bear! It came with an extra squeaker, too!


 Sadie with her loot! We also got two fun squeaky balls as you can see above! (She wouldn't move closer for the picture...until...)

Sadie apparently practicing her yoga after grabbing the bear from the loot display haha.

Thank you sooooo much Karen, Butterball, and Benny! Look at the cute card they sent us, too:

Ok, so here's the part you've been waiting for! The first two people to comment on this post will get their own Paws It Forward package from me and Sadie! If you have a blog where you can post about this after you receive your package, if you haven't participated already, and if you have a dog (any breed), comment on this post and leave your email address. I will contact you for your mailing address :) Good luck!


  1. Oooooo Toby and I would love to get in on this!


    I can't wait! :)

  2. obviously I dont count for the box. Butterball and Benny did a good job picking some really cool things out. I love the pictures of Sadie sticking her nose in the box!
    Whiskey did the same thing taking off with one of the toys. :-)
    Cant wait to see my post!! :-)

  3. yay :) im glad she likes everything!

    just a question. she can grab the balls right? i didnt realize how big they are until now and i didnt test them on butters or benny -_-

  4. this seems so complicated to me, but pazzo and i are commenting. :)

  5. What an awesome idea! Looks like you already got two interested comments, but hopefully I can catch this on some other blog so that Philip can participate in the fun :) Philip has a frog from the same collection as that bear and he absolutely loves it, it's one of his favorite toys. Amazingly enough, I still haven't had to put the replacement squeaker in!

  6. Kaly, will email you shortly!! :)

    Karen, oh yes, she def can pick up those balls! She has a large Kong squeaker, so those are no problem :) Thank you again!!!

  7. Philip's Mom, I just commented on your blog in case you don't see this...but you're in, too! I just decided that 3 is my lucky number, so I'd rather send out three packages!! :)

  8. hahaha i loved how you tagged "loot". haha:) karen made us some wonderful packages! im about to post mines!!!

  9. what a great box of goodies for you and Sadie to enjoy!!! can't wait to hear about your corgi prints!


  10. That is sooo awesome. Me and Smokey wish we would have seen it sooner so she could have gotten in on the goodies but I just love the shot of Sadie's eyes so wide and excited looking. I think Corgi's have the most expressive eyes. I like to say that Smokey "rescued" me. I wanted a Corgi forever and kept bugging my husband to get me one and he kept saying maybe for my birthday and then 11 days before my birthday I was outside at around 11pm and I saw something at the end of our drive way and I called to her and she came running up to me. She was dirty, skin and bones but definitely Corgi-mix (mostly Corgi). I call her my Corgi from heaven. I have loved her and thanked God for her everyday since that night, 8/16/2002. She is the most wonderful gift ever. I try to "paw" it forward as much as I can. Thank you for sharing your special story.
    Tina and Smokey

  11. Tina and Smokey, sorry you missed out on this one...but you can always follow the blogs of those that won above, to see when they receive their packages! :) I will also post about it here. Thanks for stopping by! I am so happy Smokey and you found each other. I feel the same way about Sadie :) She definitely rescued me!!


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