Monday, September 13, 2010

Ready to Ship!

I was able to gather up lots of goodies for my Paws It Forward packages last week, and I wanted to let the recipients know I will be mailing them out tomorrow morning before I go to work. I hope everyone likes what I picked out! It was so hard not to go overboard hehe. If you haven't been able to get in on the Paws It Forward action, keep an eye on these blogs:

Natasha and Pazzo at Breathing and Butter

Kaly and Toby at My Fuzzy Munchkin

Lyuba and Philip at The Life of Philip the Corgi

Yes, I allowed three winners, mainly because Natasha is a good personal friend, and I wanted to give all the corgi moms with blogs a chance to get in on this! But, because Natasha doesn't have as many "dog" followers, you will definitely have a good chance to receive a package from her if you haven't already, so keep your eyes peeled! (Plus, she doesn't live too far away from me, so she will most likely receive her package first.) I'm all about sharing the love. Can't wait to see how the pups react to their packages :)


  1. Whoooo hoooo! :) We can't wait!

  2. Yay!!! We are so excited, can't wait to see what we get :)

  3. bet they will enjoy their stash!



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