Monday, January 31, 2011


Apparently we have had something like 35 inches of snow since the beginning of January. This does not include the blizzard we had the day after Christmas, which dropped over a foot of snow as well. AND we are expected to get another foot (or more) of snow this week. Seriously? Where is the snow going to go???? It's already piled up so high everywhere. Parking in shopping center parking lots is a complete nightmare, and most corners have snow piled so high, you can't see cars coming and are forced to make blind turns. I did not sign up for this! And poor little Sadie and her short little legs...she has nowhere to go to the bathroom, unless she wants to climb up a giant mound of snow. It's a complete mess. Although it was rather funny watching her try to jump a pile of snow that was probably at least three feet high in order to see a dog that was barking at her! Wish I got a picture of that!!

I did however get some other wintery pics I'd like to share with you. Yes, it is rather beautiful after the snow falls, but now I just want it to melt!! Enjoy...

 I love winter trees so much.
 Our driveway (and my car) after the most recent storm.
 The view from the garage.
 A neighbor waving in the midst of the snow ha. 
 The sky was really that blue after the storm.
 So. Much. Snow.
 Our house covered in snow.
 Managed to catch the snow falling from the tree.
 I threw snow at Sadie. She wasn't pleased haha.
 "What do you want, Ma???"
 Sadie made her own fort haha.
 Love the snow on her nose hehe.

  Sadie's new Gators collar :)
Check out this creepy icicle! It looks like an arm!


  1. I LOVE the "want to do want" pic. Classic Corgi face.

  2. Bless Sadie!! That snow looks beautiful but I bet it's not fun after a while.

    Roll on spring.

  3. i feel uber cold just looking at the pics!!

  4. I enjoy the neighbor waving, haha.

  5. Paige, haha totally. She gives me that look a lot.

    Winnie, yes it's very pretty at first but now it just won't go away!!!

    Karen, haha yeah it is very cold here! UGH.

    Tash, lol me too. We didn't realize he was doing that until we uploaded the pic hahaha.

  6. Goodness you are brave! I would be worried little Sadie would disappear in all that snow! It is 32 degrees here tonight which, for Oregon, is cold for us. I cannot imagine all that snow. Stay safe!

    Love, Dozer, Cooper and Nancy

    PS: Did you get the boys New Years card?

  7. Hahaha she nearly did! No, we haven't gotten a card?? When did you send?

  8. Hi! Love your snow pictures, and Sadie is adorable. Found you through Pet Blogs United which I recently joined. Will look forward to more Sadie adventures! Take care, Mel Hammonds

  9. Thanks! Welcome to our blog :)


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