Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Food > Mama

So for the second time now, I have come home after a long day at work only to be completely ignored by Sadie. No, she's not asleep somewhere and not aware that I am home. She is in the kitchen (which I walk into from the garage), and she sees me walk in the door. She glances quickly over at me, and then focuses her attention on what is clearly more important than her own mother...FOOD. She is sitting at my uncle's feet, watching him eat, hoping for a morsel of his yummy food. More times than not, she gets some of his food, which is why her focus cannot be broken, not even to greet her mother!

The first time she did this, I was so upset. I look forward to her jumping up and down when I get home, showing her overwhelming excitement for my arrival. But even when I called her name, she wouldn't move. She would quickly glance at me and then focus her eyes right back on the food. Now when it happens, it's pretty amusing. She wouldn't leave her place until all his food was consumed. Then I heard her walking to the bedroom to finally say hello to me. What a punk!! I see how it is...Food is clearly more important than I am!


  1. your last line says it all, yep, food is more important than we are indeed!! like someone else said, a corgi never forgets a food source. They are motivated absolutely 100% by food and only food :)

    but you know deep down she loves you.........

    just food will always take first place in their hearts!!

    enjoy the day!


  2. Of course food is more impawtant. Now if you would come's into da house smelling like a steak....well, you know da rest!

  3. haha, duh, Laurie.. you didn't already know that?? ;)

  4. Well, of course food is more impawtant! Amber DaWeenie has a point. If you gots foodables in your hands when you come in, you know what would happen, right? ;)


  5. How silly of me to think I was more important than food!! Haha.

  6. LOL. hahahahaha how about you keep some treats in your coat pocket and give sadie a piece each time you get home :)

    but you know she loves you. lol. yes food is #1.


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