Tuesday, March 29, 2011

I Wish I Were a Little Bit Taller

Sometimes I don't think Sadie realizes how small she is, like when she barks her head off at giant dogs that could literally eat her if they tried. She thinks she's incredibly tough and can take them. I do not think she can. Or maybe she is just a punk/bully lol.

But other times, I think she realizes she is short and wants to be taller. For instance, one of our neighbors has a stone ledge/wall on one side of their house that progressively steps down in height. You can see it in this picture:

Right now, since nothing has bloomed yet, the wall is pretty bare. Oftentimes, we walk back home passing this wall, and every time we do, Sadie jumps up on the highest part and walks the rest of the way on the wall. It always cracks me up, because she seems to happy and walks all proud when she is up there. Like, "look at me ma, I'm tall!!!" I wish I had pictures of this. But for now you'll just have to imagine it :)

That little girl never ceases to make me smile.


  1. Sadie has da same exact problem dat us weenie dogs has.....short legs but a big heart! :o)

  2. LOL! I bet she does feel on top of the world walking along that edge like that!! I know what you mean about them wanting to be bigger; Koda does the same thing with dogs; I always have to remind him that they are MUCH bigger than him and could make him a small snack should they decide to.....

    enjoy your Wednesday!


  3. Philip likes to walk on ledges too, even the odd curbside, especially those red fireline curbsides. I always figured it's his Agility training coming into play (like a mini dog walk), but on second thought, maybe they just like doing it for fun, like little kids. I remember I absolutely loved walking on such ledges when I was a wee little girl =] Heck, I still do sometimes, and I'm not so little anymore ;)

  4. i know bailey wants to be taller. i see it when he has a major FAIL when trying to jump on a small sandy cliff while playing chase (and i see the embarassment on his face when he doesnt make it). i also see it when there happens to be a person at the dog park feeding treats to a greoup of dogs and bailey runs over but is lost in the tails and never gets one. plus bailey loves to jump on everyone to say hi as if to say "hello im down here"


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