Monday, November 30, 2009

Our Mini Vacation

Sadie and I were house/dog/cat/bird-sitting for my aunt this past week. She has a Golden Retriever, who isn't really socialized with many dogs. Sadie and her kind of just co-exist. There isn't much playing or anything. There is, however, jealousy. From Sadie, of course. I mentioned it in a previous entry. She's an only child, and she always will be! She wouldn't have it any other way. I tried to give their dog attention as much as I could (when Sadie wasn't looking), but it was a bit difficult, considering Sadie follows me around everywhere. We had a good time though. It was relaxing (on the whole) and we had some "alone" time. It was good to be away for a few days and have a house to myself. (Minus a few animals.)

One night Sadie took out her squeaky ball and went wild. I took a video of it, because she is too cute when she plays with this ball. Harlie, the Golden we were staying with, decided to destroy one of her toys while Sadie was going crazy. At the end of the video, you can see Sadie's head snap back and glare at me for saying Harlie's name. Such a little brat. But a cute one, so it's ok :)

We hope you all had a great Thanksgiving and holiday weekend! We did, but I could certainly use a few more days off of work though!!!


  1. such a cute video! glad you had a nice Thanksgiving! always hard to go back to work after time off


  2. Thanks for posting the video, it's too cute! Glad you had a great Thanksgiving, I know I am ready for more vacation time!

  3. Thanks :) Glad you both enjoyed it!


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