Monday, December 6, 2010

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

Well, winter is officially upon us. I saw snow flurries on my way to work this morning!! I know some of you have already gotten much more snow than that, but flurries are all I can handle right now hahaha. I'm just not in the winter mood this year. I'm already freezing!

I've been doing pretty well with my Christmas shopping this year. Usually I'm shopping on Christmas Eve! Yes, I'm one of those people haha. But I actually made lists and only have a few more things to get. This is good, since I have to mail out so many of the gifts! Someone I haven't really shopped for yet, though, is Sadie!! It's always fun shopping for her, so I don't worry about what to get. Plus, she just loves presents in general. She totally KNOWS that the gifts inside her stocking are for her. She guards it!!

I've gotten her a few things so far, and I wanted to share some gift ideas with you! Shhhh, don't tell Sadie!!! :)

I got her this cool toy when I went to Target on Black Friday. It has three different types of squeakers in it and no stuffing. It feels like a water bottle almost, but doesn't make that sound, which I think might scare her.

I'll be checking out PetSmart soon for the rest of her gifts, plus all the other pets on my list! I have 4 cats and two dogs to buy for besides Sadie (and that includes our Secret Santa recipient!).

I might not get these, but here are some of the toys I like on

Sadie LOVES these squeaker balls, so this might be a good one for her!

I thought these were super cute. Sadie would love the long legs to tug on!

I so wish they had my school!!!! They have a ton of these college themed loofa toys, but not one for University of Florida. BOO!

You may recognize this one! This is what I got Sadie for her birthday. Everyone seemed interested in it, so I thought I'd post the link. She loves this toy! And it spins! :)

As for treats, Sadie will eat pretty much anything, but how cute are these?? Milk and cookies! Ha.

Did you already shop for your pets? I had to clear out some of Sadie's toys to make room for the new ones haha. She wasn't too happy about that, but hopefully she'll forgive me when she sees her new goodies!


  1. I am done shopping completely, so yes I've bought for Gibson! :) I tried not to spoil him too much.. I did already give him part of his gift though, whoops!

  2. omg. ive finished shopping for bailey too, got him three new toys - all with squeakers for him to 0pull out. i got him a snugga wubba, a reindeer with like 12 squakers and another stuffed thing.

    funny i saw your first pic and was like omg cause... i BOUGHT the exact same thing from target for one of bailey's buddies!!! hahahahaa :) i think the dogs will love it.

    happy holidays!

  3. We're TRYING not to go overboard on Gus gifts this year, but it's so hard! We've purchased a couple of gifts and have our eyes on a couple more. It looks like Sadie will have lots of great gifts to open!

  4. all cool gifts, Laurie! I'm sure whatever Sadie gets this year she will enjoy! I have to tell you we don't specifically buy something for Koda for Christmas, but buy for him all year long, LOL. However, I am looking forward to seeing what everyone gets with the Secret Santa gift exchange; that should be so much fun!!


  5. Kelly, it's so hard to wait, isn't it?? And to try not to spoil them too much!! I am so bad about that haha.

    Karen, ohhh sounds like fun! Bailey will love those I'm sure!!

    Lori, it's so hard not to go overboard haha. Sadie also has gifts coming from her aunts, uncles, and grandparents! HAHA. She is super spoiled.

    Betty, thanks! Sadie loves everything!! Oh, I buy for Sadie all yearlong, too...she is way too spoiled lol. Oops.

  6. thanks laurie! oh well give you our address when we get your email :)

    i tossed some of baileys toys last night and he was kinda getting excited cause he thought we were playing with them. kinda sad, but they were like limbs (earts, feet, hands) off of his stuffed toys.. hahaaha the limbs are kinda cute, but well, i had to toss them!

  7. Im a late shopper too. My secret santa package shopping is done, but for Whiskey not so much. I got her 2 really cute festive collars from black friday. :-) And I like UM (sorry....) But all they have down here is UF. Go figure.

  8. Karen, yay for holiday cards! :) I sent you an email with our address. Hahaha those were the toys I threw away, too. But Sadie totally gave me the evil eye when she saw them go in the trash lol.

    Katie, hopefully I can get all my shopping done this weekend. That's the plan! Haha it's ok if you like UM :) I went to UF, so I have to like them lol.


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