Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Winter is REALLY Here!

Last weekend, we finally got our Christmas tree! But we still haven't decorated it...We also bought lights to hang up outside, but we haven't put those up yet either haha. We're moving at a glacial pace this holiday season. There has just been too much to do, and not enough time. I will be sure to post pictures when the lights are up and the tree is decorated though! Sadie wasn't too interested in the tree. In fact, it was in the garage when I took her out and she walked right past it. I was like HELLO there is a giant tree, do you not even want to sniff it??? She's so over it.

I sent out all my Christmas cards and packages yesterday! So if you are getting a card from me, be on the lookout :) I ended up getting two different card designs, so I'll post both here after Christmas. And besides all that Christmas cheer, I woke up this morning to snow! Not a lot, but it's the first snowfall of the season, and Sadie didn't seem to care haha. I think she was focused on the task at hand (going to the bathroom), because after that, she frolicked a bit and ate some snow. She will be very excited when we get our first snow storm. She loves jumping right into the snow and bouncing around.

In the holiday spirit, I wanted to post a few pics that make me smile. Unfortunately, these are not pictures I've taken, but this winter my goal is to take a lot more pictures! These are just some stock photos I came across on Getty Images that I wanted to share.

This is my wallpaper on my computer at home, and every time I see it, I smile:

You can download this wallpaper in the Microsoft Personalization Gallery. Christmas lights make me happy haha.

Ok, here are two pictures I took last year. I just love winter trees.

We hope the holidays are treating you well!


  1. Dexter is NOT over it. We had to put the tree on a table... -.-

  2. LOL, I just read Paige's comment about Dexter and the tree. Didn't bother Koda as long as we didn't have to relocate his crate like last year. Fantastic you got so much done with cards and presents mailed! I bet that was a relief! How fun with the first snow! I do think it is fun to watch them frolic out there in it :)


  3. Paige, awww! Poor thing. Sadie really has no interest in the tree. It's weird haha.

    Betty, yes, definitely a relief to get that stuff done! I only have like one more gift to get, too! Woohoo. I love watching Sadie hop through the snow like a bunny hehe. We didn't get that much this time, but I'm sure we will soon enough.

  4. I know how you feel. We are SO behind this year. I'm dreading shopping this weekend, it's going to be nuts!

  5. hahah bailey has no interest in the tree either and wants to know why i make him take pictures with it :). cant wait to see your holiday card. we mailed ours out on.. monday, so you should be getting it soon!!! : )

  6. Lori, good luck with the shopping! It hasn't really been TOO bad here, so maybe you'll be ok hehe. Go around dinner time!

    Karen, we sent our cards out on Monday, too! So you should get yours soon, too :)


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