Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas Pictures

I took lots of Christmas pics, mainly on Christmas Eve with my cousin who has the same camera as I do. We always enjoy playing around with our cameras and learning new things! So that's just what we did. Then, of course, I took some pics of Sadie by the tree. She always looks so annoyed in pictures! Anyway, here they are. Tomorrow I will post some pics from the blizzard! :) (If you're friends with me on Facebook, you may have already seen these!)

 Our tree, which I decorated all by myself!
 Why must I pose for pictures???
I'm so cute. I can has presents now?
Sadie and *some* of her loot. She scored big this year!
Sadie's stocking!
My other aunt's tree
Merry Christmas! Me with my cousins.
Aren't we adorable?
Haha posing like a supermodel
Fireeee! Love sitting by the fireplace :)
This is a rug my aunt has in her house. How cute is this pic?? It's like she's sitting on Santa's lap haha. And yes, my aunt added in her family's names to the rug lol.
Christmas lightsss
Merry Christmas from Sadie!
This is where we started playing with different settings on our cameras haha.
Christmas train in motion!
These are our Christmas lights!
More loot!
Unwrapped loot!
 One more by the tree :)


  1. SO CUTE! love all the picture. Sadie made out like a bandit with all those gifts. :-) Be careful with all the snow.

  2. Holy spoiled, Batman. Go, Sadie, go!

  3. Loved them all; you take great pictures! Sadie does look a bit "put out" to get her picture taken, LOL, but you know some of them could be great for the corgi calendar next year for December to submit them when it is time.

    hope you and Sadie have a very happy new year!

    (and thanks for the card, it was so cute, I think I forgot to say thanks, sorry about that:)


  4. Katie, thanks! Yes, she got soooo spoiled haha.

    Paige, oh yes, she was totally spoiled!

    Betty, thanks!! Glad you liked the card!

  5. wowww!!!!!! Bailey is google-ie eyeing all of sadie's presents! looks like you guys had a good time with family and friends. :) great pics! Have a great new years!

  6. Love the pic of Sadie on that rug! Too cute! Sadie scored big time with all those gifts!

    Have a happy New Year's!

  7. Karen, haha Sadie might be willing to share!! LOL. Then again, she gives the cats an evil look when they glance at her toys....Happy new year!

    Jenny, thanks!! She got super spoiled lol. Happy New Year!

  8. Hahaha I love that supermodel pose :)

  9. Pam, haha right? She's working it lol.


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