Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Barky McBarkerson

Every day when I come home, after the excited jumping and butt wiggling, Sadie starts barking at me. Usually it's because I am doing other things besides paying attention to her, even if it's just for a few seconds. So last night, I decided to take a video of her doing this. She gets so worked up, she even starts sneezing. It's pretty cute, actually, and usually causes me to laugh, which just annoys her more haha. The attention barking is the main reason Sadie barks. If I'm not giving her enough attention, she lets me know! My room was a little dark, so I had to use the light on my phone; hence her crazy eyes. But enjoy! :) (Also, you can see Sadie's insane amount of toys. Yes, she is very spoiled haha.)



  1. haha I call Gibson Bary McBarkerson too!

  2. Hahaaha I love making up names like that. I have made up some weird nicknames for Sadie.

    So is this what Gibson does, too? With the barking and sneezing?? So funny.

  3. how cute!!! isn't it neat how they communicate their needs by their barking??


  4. Yes! It's too cute. I can totally tell the difference between all her barks and noises now, too. It took her so long to make any noises, so now she lets loose haha.

  5. It's always so cute to watch them get so crazy just because they are so happy to see you! It can bring a smile even if it's been a horrible day!

  6. Yes, definitely! She can always cheer me up. No human is ever going to be that excited to see me!


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